The Secrets to Hiring The Best Ghostwriter


Having a book idea is good. Having a purpose for it is excellent. However, your book needs words. You need someone to help you create magic with words and propel your book to greatness. That’s where hiring the best ghostwriter comes in. A good ghostwriter will make the book engaging, focused, precise, and compelling. Here are the top things you should consider before hiring a ghostwriter.

Things You Need

Before hiring a ghostwriter, it’s important to ensure that you have the following things on the table:

The Goal

Start by asking yourself this seminal question: What is this book’s main goal? What is the purpose of writing this book? Do you have a unique approach when writing this book? Will this book act as a promotional for your brand?

Having a clear vision from the start will propel your book to success. It will also allow your ghostwriter to distill the ideas into a practical book. There are different types of books you can write. From how to book to inspirational books, you have several options to choose from. Thus, decide the kind of book you envision. Refine your thoughts. Your ghostwriter will use these ideas to create a good book.

Book Content

The next step involves deciding on the main content of your book. How do you want to develop your book? Do you have any ideas? Do you have a story? Have you done the necessary interviews? What is the voice of your book? These questions are important when it comes to informing the main content of your book.


It’s good to have a great book idea. However, be sure to be on the visionary wheel when it comes to steering the book forward. You need a partner to help you. Be patient when facilitating the partnership between you and the writer. Create a space for feedback. Also, make yourself available for an interview as well as directions.

The work of a ghostwriter is limited to mirroring your throughs into a book. Most of the tasks should be undertaken by you. Thus, you should create time for the whole process.

Choosing A Writer

Use these tips to work with the right ghostwriter:


Ghostwriting is a collaborative process. It requires both parties to collaborate for the best results. Openness is key. Thus, hire a ghostwriter who is willing to cooperate with you throughout the entire project. He/she should be willing to answer your emails. He/she should be available for brainstorming. You need a ghostwriter who asks questions.

He/she should be a thought partnership. Connect well with your ghostwriter and your project will achieve proven results.

Proven Expertise

Look for a proven, tested ghostwriter. Look at his/her portfolio. How many books has he/she published? Does the ghostwriter possess the required skills? Look at his/her past clients. Testimonials can also help you spot a good writer. Reviews are also good when it comes to showing the experience of a ghostwriter.


The success of your book will depend on the vision of the parties involved. All parties should have a common goal. Hire a ghostwriter who shares your vision. Thus, look at the writer’s adaptability. Check his/her previous writings. Don’t forget about his/her explicit writing style.

A good ghostwriter should write naturally. His/her writing should echo your voice. He/she should also complement your ideas. These things will make your book writing experience memorable and seamless.


The last thing you want is to hire a writer who cannot be reached. As stated before, ghostwriting is a collaborative process. Both parties should dedicate time to the book. It is, therefore, important to work with a ghostwriter who is always available for directions, recommendations, and feedback.

Publishing Know-How

 The book writing process differs from one book to another. However, there are general processes writers use. A good writer should understand the different book writing approaches and styles. He/she should ask you about any book you admire. This will inspire your book writing process.

Smart writers will suggest different books, allowing you to select a book that fits your needs. He/she should have some preliminary thoughts regarding your book. The best writers will ask you questions before writing the book.

Red Flags of a Bad Ghostwriter

Working with the right ghostwriter is very important. It will benefit your book writing process. A bad ghostwriter will cost you dearly. Here are a few red flags you should look out for:

Poor Communication

A ghostwriter who doesn’t or takes ages to answer your emails is a no-go zone. Prompt communication ensures that you are on the same page.

Doesn’t Ask Questions

A ghostwriter who doesn’t ask questions should be avoided. Questions are used to craft the plan of the book.

Tries Pressurizing You

Avoid a combative ghostwriter. If he/she pressurizes you into signing a contract, stay away. He/she is after money and not delivering a good book for you.

Doesn’t Offer Suggestions

Passion is key. A good ghostwriter should be passionate. He/she should be loaded with suggestions regarding your book.

Key Takeaway

Hiring a professional ghostwriter will cost you money. However, in the long run, it will benefit your book. Ghostwriters are trained to use the right words. They know how to construct logical sentences. They can inject life into characters. They understand how humor works. Trust them to deliver quality work. Thus, doing it on your own can be costly.

Besides making a lot of mistakes, writing a book on your own can take time. Trust experts. Look for the right ghostwriters. Research online and you will get the right ghostwriter. However, don’t rush into hiring any ghostwriter. Patience is important. Ask friends for referrals. You can also ask other book authors for referrals.

The Bottom-Line

Book writing is a journey. There are many things needed. From creative guidance to hiring a good ghostwriter, writing a book comes with a lot of sacrifices. Thus, if you don’t want your efforts to go in vain, hire the right book writer. Creativity, effective time management, passion, etc. are some of the things that define a good ghostwriter. Use the above guide to bring a good ghostwriter into your book writing team. 

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