The Ultimate Guide To Kayaking In Melbourne, Florida

Kayaking In Melbourne

When you think of an awesome day on the water in Florida, you probably imagine exploring lush mangrove forests or hidden river coves. If you’re in the market for an active and invigorating way to experience these beautiful waterways, look no further than kayaking! 

Indeed, kayaking is a perfect activity for exploring coastal creeks and expansive estuaries; it’s one of the most accessible ways to get up close and personal with the natural wonders of a place like Melbourne. 

Kayaks are compact enough to store easily on boats and big enough to accommodate almost anyone comfortable swimming. If this sounds like something you’d be interested in trying out, read on for a complete guide to kayaking if you’re looking to rent a kayak in Melbourne, FL!

What to Know Before Going Kayaking in Melbourne

As with any water activity, it’s important to make sure you have the proper gear and know what to expect on the water. Here are some things to keep in mind before kayaking in Melbourne. 

Many kayaking locations in Melbourne are tidal, which means the water level will change with the tide. Make sure you choose a stretch of water that is at a level that works for you and your experience level.  

If you’re kayaking in a group, ensure everyone knows the general plan. Establish a captain and a call-out-when-you-get-there system to make sure nobody gets lost.

Where to Go Kayaking In Melbourne

There are many beautiful kayaking locations in Melbourne once you rent a kayak in Melbourne FL, but a few stand out as especially great for beginners. 

The Indian River Lagoon

This expansive estuary might be the best place to go kayaking in Melbourne. One of the most ecologically diverse ecosystems in the Western Hemisphere, the Indian River Lagoon is a kayaking paradise, with mangrove forests, freshwater marshes, and open waters home to a dizzying array of aquatic wildlife. 

The Northern Jetty of the Sebastian Inlet 

The Sebastian Inlet is slightly less wild than the Indian River Lagoon, but it’s still a unique kayaking experience. The Northern Jetty is a wooden structure that juts out into the ocean and is a great place to go birdwatching while you’re kayaking. 

The E.W. Corral Creek

This is a great place to go kayaking in Melbourne if you’re looking to explore some beautiful mangrove forests and experience a few brief, but exciting stretches of white water.

Tips for First-Time Kayakers

If you’re new to kayaking, you should know a few things before heading out on the water.  

  • Wear a life jacket – Even if you are an experienced kayaker with a lot of confidence in your skills, wearing a life jacket will make you a safer, more responsible paddler. 
  • Be aware of tides – Tides greatly affect kayaking in Melbourne. If you’re planning to kayak at high tide, expect some shallow water and watch out for submerged logs and other objects that could damage your vessel.
  • Try paddleboarding – If you’re not sure about kayaking but still want to get out on the water, paddleboarding is another fantastic way to explore the mangrove forests of the Indian River Lagoon. 
  • Book a guided kayaking tour – If you’re just getting started kayaking, it’s a good idea to book a guided tour. This way, you can ensure you’re following all the safety guidelines and not overstepping your skill level.

In Conclusion

Kayaking in Melbourne is a truly unique experience. Not only will you get a chance to explore some of the most stunning waterways in Florida, but you’ll also get to meet some of the amazing wildlife that calls these waterways home. 

If you’re new to kayaking, rent a kayak in Melbourne, FL, and go on the smaller section of the Indian River Lagoon to ease into the sport. You can start exploring some of the other kayaking locations in Melbourne.

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