Tips for Using CBD Oil for Dogs


There are many reasons why many people are using CBD oil for dogs, and if you haven’t tried it yet, you could be missing out on some healthy treat that will be beneficial to your pet’s health. With many different options available in the supplement section at your local pet store and online, finding the right type seems to be the problem many pet owners face. 

But whether you already know about how to use CBD oil for dogs or not, there are suggestions below that will better enhance how you treat your pet with cannabis.

Why you Should Use CBD Oil for Dogs

It is not easy to take care of canines, especially when they come of age and need help dealing with the natural process of aging. If you also have a young pup with challenging health issues, you may find the use of cannabis-infused products to assist with helping them to recover quickly. Need to find out exactly how CBD can be of help to dog health? You can find good reasons below.

Recover from Mild and Chronic Pain

Having an injured dog that has lost its excitement and limps around the house moody can take a toll on your happiness too. And while you may have remedies you trust to help you deal with physical and emotional pain, there is a good chance that you may not know how to help your dog manage such. There is a good chance that the vet will recommend pain killers for dogs which may be effective but cause side effects that can make your pet avoid taking their meds.

But with CBD oil, you get an easy-to-administer treatment for canine pain that will work. You can get a few drops in their mouth or add them to their drink or food and wait to notice the effect kick in quickly.

Help Dogs Sleep Better

There are many reasons why dogs may have a hard time finding sleep at night. Loss of a puppy, recovering from an ailment, or dealing with stress and anxiety are some of the reasons why canines may not get enough shut-eye at night. And you can ease the situation with the help of administering CBD oil at night. This link has more on how to treat insomnia in dogs. 

Help with Digestive Issues

Is your dog finding it difficult to eat or suffering from digestive problems? The use of CBD can help them feel better and get them to enjoy a healthy diet again. Stomach upsets and nausea are some of the issues your pet can face due to pain and inflammation in the belly, and having the best cannabis treatment can provide a quick solution for both humans and animals. You can try CBD oils too if you are dealing with stomach upset and give some to your pup when they are down with digestive issues.

Using CBD Oil for Dogs

CBD Oil for Dogs

There are rules to follow when it comes to using CBD the right way. While your pet is already equipped with an endocannabinoid system that breaks down cannabinoids, increasing the compounds will surely help with relieving health issues quickly. But to enable this, you want to make sure that you give it to them the right way. A vet can assist with ensuring that you get proper CBD treatment for your dog, but you want to also help by following the rules. Some of the things you need to do right include

Use the Right Dosage

As with any medication, the dosage plays an important role in providing the ideal treatment. This will help in ensuring that you administer the amount that will help them recover quickly. Not giving enough or giving too much can result in complications. You will need to keep in mind the condition you are treating, the pet’s age, size, and body weight are some things to consider when it comes to dosage. But using 2mg for every 4.5kg of dog weight should be enough to offer the best treatment.

Get Quality CBD

Another thing is the type of CBD you use. It doesn’t matter if you opt for oils, gummies, or other treats laden with cannabis, if it is not of the highest quality, you won’t get the desired effect. Anything that mentions infused with cannabis is not enough to conclude that it does provide the desired effect. You want to make sure that you have your research done about the quality of the product. 

You can use web sources to learn about other people’s opinions about the quality of treatment obtained from a product. Your vet can also assist with suggesting brands that are safe for pets and can meet the treatment requirement.

How Much THC is in the Mix?

It is also right that you avoid using too much THC for animals. While you may be okay with using marijuana occasionally, you want to avoid using it for your pet. It could leave them in a condition that will be worse than what you are trying to treat. The side effects are also not nice as they will affect their normal behavior. 

The ideal THC count for CBD should be less than 0.3% which is enough to provide quality treatment. You can find more here on the side effects of CBD oils for dogs. So you know what to look out for when you use the supplement for canines.

Final Note

Getting your dog to be in the best frame of mind and body is essential to healthy living. And while you want to make sure that they enjoy a healthy diet and exercise regularly, you want to also assist with providing safe and effective treatment when they are ailing.

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