Tips To Hold Kid’s Birthday Party on a Budget

Kid’s Birthday Party on a Budget


It can be a nightmare for you to keep up with parents that throw expensive kindergeburtstag Berlin. I’ve seen parents rent out fancy banquet halls and restaurants just to celebrate their kid’s first birthdays. Recently, I attended a four-year-old child’s bash in which the parents transformed a backyard into a trendy amusement park with a bouncy castle, popcorn maker, cotton candy machine, and rides. Today, even the modest kindergeburtstag Brandenburg can cost upwards of $500 for just 2 hours of entertainment. If you cannot afford an activity-packed birthday party for your kid, you don’t need to worry. You don’t need to spend a small fortune to throw a fabulous and fun bash. In this article, we share tips to host a memorable party on a budget. 

Save Money on Space Rentals 

Most parents prefer renting outdoor spaces to hosting birthday bashes in their homes. The advantage of this is that a rented space has activities, and you also are relieved from worrying about cleanup, setup, or even the need to provide entertainment for the guests. But the downside of hosting a party at an outdoor facility is that it costs a lot of money. 

If you have limited space at home, or you suspect that it isn’t an ideal place to host several children, you will have no option other than to rent a facility. Some of the rental spaces that come with entertainment for kindergeburtstag Brandenburg include:

  • Dance and Martial Arts Studios– Prepare to pay $300-$500 for a party lasting two hours. This cost also varies depending on your location. 
  • Kiddie Gyms- different kiddie gyms offer different packages, and these can range from $400 to $600. 
  • Museums, Zoos, and Aquariums- The prices for party packages are determined by factors like location and age group. Costs start at $300 to over $1,000.
  • Arts and Crafts Centers- Some options worth considering include pottery and mug painting. Expect costs in the region of $15-$35 per attendee.
  • Kid Entertainment Centers– These centers offer a cocktail of packages and the rates will range from $15 to over $30 per attendee. 

Birthday Party Entertainment

Entertainment is one area that represents an opportunity to save on your kindergeburtstag Berlin. This is if you provide your own entertainment. Holding a kid’s birthday party in summertime, fall, or spring allows you to organize outdoor activities for the guests. These include setup games and relay races or asking your attendees to come with swimsuits and take part in a water balloon fight. Another tip is to have your guests broken into different teams and organize a mini-camp color sports tournament. The other idea is to borrow games from neighbors or friends and spend nothing. 

But if you are forced to host your party indoors due to unforgiving weather, do not worry because there are a few options for you to keep your attendees entertained. They include:

  • Scavenger or Treasure Hunts– This involves a bunch of children searching under your bed or between your couch to hunt for a scavenger. The only cost you will incur is about $10 for a good prize for the victorious party. 
  • Crafts– Raid sites like Pinterest for cheap craft ideas. Examples of great options include decorating a white shirt or making picture frames from Popsicle sticks. In case you expect slightly older guests, you can organize a cupcake decorating bar and invite them to design their own desserts.  Another great tip is to purchase molds and colored chocolates and gift guests with sugary creations when they leave for home. These options are quite cheap since you only need to spend $50 for 10-15 kids. 
  • Movie Screenings- If you have a big TV screen, a cheaper entertainment activity is to treat your guests to a nice movie indoors. 
  • Talent Shows- This involves the guests taking part in talent shows and purchasing a low-cost prize for the person that emerges as the winner. 

Birthday Party Food

No party is ever complete without good food. And whether you host your party in your backyard or at an outside facility, you must spend on dessert and food. Pizza, birthday cakes, and Heroes or Subs Sandwiches are some of the places you are sure to spend. 

But you can save food money if you desist from serving a meal in the first place. Feeding kids is challenging no matter what. Therefore, host your party in the afternoon when kids don’t expect dinner or lunch. The best time is 2:00-4:00 pm.

But if you must serve a meal, the cheapest way to do it is to make the food yourself. Homemade cheese and macaroni are great options. Not only is it cheap ($10-$15 is enough to feed about 12 children), but it is also kid-friendly. And for adult invitees, you may think of something like baked ziti. This costs about $15.

In case you are completely opposed to cooking, you can find cheap pizza stores for the invited children. A single slice will usually do for most kids, especially if you also serve other goodies like cake. You can keep the costs even lower by using restaurant coupons.

Baking your own cake is yet another way of saving. You only need a few cake mix boxes and a couple of cans of frosting. You will normally only spend $10-15 to pull it off, which pales in comparison to what you would pay at the bakery for your kid’s birthday cake. And with another $20, you will have catered pretzels, cookies, and chips.

Equipment Rentals

Creativity and putting in place a plan B can help you make some savings on equipment rentals. For example, if you fear that rain may ruin your outdoor kindergeburtstag Brandenburg, all it needs to save money is being flexible and transiting to the house if there is inclement weather. In the same way, a bouncy castle isn’t necessary if you cannot afford it. Rather, talk to friends of yours with trampolines and borrow them for a day. 


We all love our kids and would love to throw the biggest kindergeburtstag Berlin for them. However, sometimes the pocket doesn’t allow it. Even so, this shouldn’t be an excuse to host a shabby and uninteresting birthday party for them. There are many creative ways to organize a fabulous birthday on a budget. Be creative and skip carnival-style parties in favor of ordinary snacks. Also, cook your own food and consider providing your own entertainment. 

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