Top 10 Luxury Wedding Florist In London 2022

Wedding Florist In London

London is popularly known for producing an abundance of standard and high-quality wedding flowers in the world. The country has a wealth of florists that produce different kinds of exotic flowers to choose from. 

Whether you are looking for small celebrations or big-fat wedding ceremonies, you would want to have the best of the best wedding decorations on your most important day. To help you select the best wedding florist in London, we have compiled a list of some leading and most trustworthy wedding florists for your wedding decorations and other needs. 

Here are the top ten luxury wedding florists to choose from. 

1. Moyses Steven 

Moyses Stevens has been in the industry for decades. They offer the world’s finest luxury designs and award-winning blooms at affordable and reasonable prices. Moyses Stevens takes first place on the list because it is simply the best service provider in the market. They also offer a wide range of delivery services, including same-day delivery in London, next-day delivery in the UK, 24 hours delivery and customer services, and Sunday deliveries. You can visit their website to know more about their services. 

2. Flowers and Plants 

Flowers and Plants are known for offering the best home-grown and international range of flowers in London. If you’re looking for florists that don’t deal with third parties, then Flowers and Plants is the ideal place for you. They also offer an irresistible selection of premium houseplants to choose from. 

3. McQueens Flowers 

Unlike other service providers on the list, McQueens Flowers offers comprehensive learning courses to many aspiring florists across the globe. If you are interested in learning floristry or giving a kick start to your career, you can enroll in their courses on their website. All the teachers at McQueens Flowers have years of experience and knowledge in every aspect of floristry. 

4. Petalon Flowers 

Petalon Flowers are among the few florists who work for the welfare of society. They donate 100% of their profits to UK conservation projects. Their service prices include donations to bee conservation and carbon capture charities. So when you buy flowers from Petalon Flowers, you would be lending your hands for a good cause. 

5. Rebel Rebel 

From online flower delivery to learning workshops, you get access to a wide range of services at Rebel Rebel. They are one of the leading and renowned flower delivery stores in the UK. They have a reputation for offering services to many popular events and clients across the country. For high-class wedding celebrations, Rebel Rebel is an ideal choice. 

6.  The Flower Station 

Flower Station is your one-stop-shop for all kinds of exotic flowers across London. It is the perfect place to order luxury flowers for wedding ceremonies and other events. You can visit the Flower Station website to learn more about their services and wide range of flower collections. 

Before finalizing your services, always state your priorities and additional services ( if any) to your wedding florist to avoid last-minute intricacies. Here is the see web-stories for latest news & Ideas.

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