Top 11 DIY Wedding Decor Ideas for the Crafty Bride

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What is it about hand-crafted décor that draws people in, evoking such delight? 

Perhaps it’s due in part to mass-produced items being readily available everywhere. With so much of it on the market, people crave hand-crafted ingenuity. A dash of heart and soul.

To kickstart your creativity and get you headed down the right path, we’ve assembled our favorite DIY wedding décor ideas anyone can do.

So, gather your hair in a messy bun, round up your scissors and supplies—let’s do this!

1. Craft your own wedding arch

Having a wedding arch is visually appealing. The arch acts like a frame during the ceremony, gently holding the once-in-a-lifetime moment. 

Craft your own—either by purchasing one online and embellishing it with flowers, silks, and branches—or you can build one from scratch using lumber or pieces of driftwood. There are tons of blueprints available online.

Then after the wedding, you have a gorgeous piece to pretty up your backyard space.

2. Grow your own

Why buy, when you can grow your own? From flowers to succulents all you need is seeds, soil, containers, and patience.

This is especially fun if you want to choose a flower that matches your wedding colors, or are on a budget.

If you love flowers but the thought of growing them terrifies you, there are other ways to incorporate them into your décor. One of our all-time favorites is through your bridesmaids’ dresses. Bella Bridesmaids has a stunning collection of beautiful dresses that come in floral prints—and numerous colors, too. Be sure to check them out.

3. Upcycle nature

Snip leafy branches from trees and use them to make wreaths. Weave in colorful flowers or wind with a lacy white ribbon. 

Collect tumbleweed—yes, tumbleweed—and wrap fairy lights around it, then suspend from above.

Nature is beautiful, dynamic, and ever-changing. Check out the nuances of your local region with a pair of fresh eyes, and we’re pretty sure you’ll come up with a distinct one-of-a-kind piece.

4. Spray paint branches

Take bare branches and spray paint them whatever color you like. You can hang lights from them, pin pictures, or simply let them be part of the décor.

5. Tea lights in mason jars

Tealights softly flickering in glass jars is such a simple yet effective way of elevating the ambiance.

6. Craft colorful paper pom-pom garlands

These whimsical pom-pom garlands are a cinch to create. Lure your bridesmaids over with sparkling chilled Rosé, line up the flute glasses and colorful paper, and make an afternoon of it.

7. Incorporate texture

Though understated and subtle, texture is a key element in décor. It can soften the space and supply depth and warmth.

Incorporate texture through fabric, such as burlap or painter’s drop cloth. Add it to the centerpieces or any horizontal spaces that need a little extra something.

8. Paint a plywood feature wall

Head to Home Depot in a vehicle that can transport a large thin piece of plywood. Get a large piece, some spray paint, and blue painter’s tape. Use the painter’s tape to mark off any patterns you’d like to create, or just freestyle your own design.

Voila: you’ve got a feature wall. Perfect for guests to stand in front of for pics, or to use as a backdrop for something else.

9. Create fun centerpieces

do mismatched vases, colorful bottles, tea cups, wildflowers, driftwood, and photos in thrifted frames all have in common? 

They all make incredible centerpieces! Your wedding reception tablescape is one of the most fun ways to let your DIY flag fly high.

10. Insta-fun

Who doesn’t love a mini instant camera?

Your guests will delight in snapping pics of themselves, and using small clothespins or paperclips to display the pics from the string across a DIY frame. They can even add a little note to the bottom of the pic if they wish.

To make the frame, you just need the rectangular portion of the frame itself. Check your local thrift store, they likely have a ton.

Adhere rows of string across the back of it, about 3 inches apart, and paint it any color you wish.

11.  Gift bags

Putting together gift bags is a wonderful way to thank your guests. Perhaps you make a delicious strawberry jam, or love making scented lavender pillows. Whatever it is, incorporate a jar or sachet of whatever it is your craft into the gift bag. Or, send your guests off with a bottle of wine with a personalized label commemorating your wedding day.


All it takes to craft the wedding of your dreams is some good old-fashioned creative ingenuity, and a little goes a long way.

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