Top 5 MP4 converters

MP4 converters

A video converter may make a video file viewable while saving a ton of time. For high-quality conversions, a decent MP4 converter is a need. There are many products available on the market that have maximum file size restrictions or sometimes demand that you have a paid version in order to use the full functionality. On the other hand, there is a ton of shareware available that can quickly convert MP4 files into desired formats or the other way around. In order to spare you the effort, we’ll provide the top 9 free MP4 converters in this post. 

Free Video Converter 

Due to its straightforward user interface, Any Video Converter Free is a free and practical MP4 converter without hundreds of satisfied consumers. Because the app’s buttons are labeled, it is easy to use and comprehend. It has a variety of editing tools, including the ability to combine, cut, and add music to videos. 

This converter allows you to download songs as well. You may also create DVDs including your preferred audio and video. It has over 100 inputs and well than 160 outputs. With 100% lossless quality conversion, it is perfect for downloading 4K movies. 

Video Converter Online 

The best online video converter is one that lets you resize and convert movies right in your web browser. Up to 4GB of data may be uploaded to the program for conversion. It is a strong server that transforms your films faster than you may expect. The software uses the most recent codecs, and the video converter handles more than 300 different file types. is a versatile file converter. You may think about using it as a MP4 converter as well. allows you to submit files and convert them more quickly than you would anticipate. To prevent any form of disruption that advertisements could cause, the program is ad-free. The app’s usage is rather straightforward; however, you must first upload the movie. 

You may alter the video’s bitrate, screen size, and add music or audio. To enhance the converted video, you may also mirror, rotate, or trim it. Finally, choose Start Conversion, and the video will be ready shortly. The video may also have subtitles added. Try out this free tool and you will be able to get amazing results.  


An outstanding free Mac MP4 converter is Freemake Video Converter. Any kind of video may be converted without charge. Given its versatility and compatibility for 500 distinct video formats, it makes life simpler for everyone. The video’s format and size may both be changed at your discretion. Videos may be converted to MP4, DVD, iPhone, and other formats. 


FreeConvert is a simple-to-use free MP4 video converter. Dropping the file and commencing the conversion are both straightforward processes. The converted file may also be downloaded to your computer and shared on a variety of social networking sites. It has many outputs and supports more than 500 distinct video formats.

Feel free to get hold of the best tool out of them, so that you can end up with getting the best returns with MP4 conversion. 

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