Top 7 Interesting facts About Zebra Printers:

Zebra Printers

Zebra printers are a form of label printers manufactured by label operators, still making a lot of money from their decades old discontinued model due to its durability and efficiency.

Advantages of zebra printers:

Zebra printers have various advantages including the following.

  • They have flexible uses and can fit into the category of desktop printers due to its size.
  • They can be performed for various applications.
  • Zebra printers can fulfil the highest demands of label size, quantity, interface and high resolution.
  • Zebra printers are known to deliver a specific label at the correct position.
  • The latest version of zebra label printers are the best for small businesses to increase their scale of production and their investment returns.
  • They are cost efficient as they would not require you to spend enormously on labels as these amounts can pile up over time with increasing volume of scale.
  • Zebra printers are highly durable and keeps you away from spending a large amount on machine repairs and replacement.
  • As compared to other competing label printers, they are less vulnerable to label wastes and logjams.
  • They are easy to reload and print faster which enhances your productivity by printing tons of label on a regular workday.
  • Even the supplies of Zebra printers don’t take much space as they are not only compressible but also leaves less waste.
  • These printers are technologically reliable and highly customizable, making it the top choice for various business owners.

Limitations of Zebra printers:

  • There are only a few zebra models that can print complex barcodes and tags at 600 Dpi.
  • The setup process of zebra printers is not easy like other brands.
  • The thermal head of these printers only print in black.
  • They are highly elaborate for small businesses due to its high efficiency and volume.

Advantages of new Zebra model:

  • The latest model of zebra printers are an upgraded version of the previous ones having greater flexibility, user friendly and wider connectivity.
  • The new models are highly compatible as you can operate them using the older software.
  • Having link-OS software enables the printer to print DNA and allows you to print from PDF files, cloud storage, etc.

Zebra card printers:

  • The zebra card printer produces high quality card for both single and double-sided purposes which increases the employee and company’s safety.
  • These cards include security badges, identification cards, gift cards, driver license, etc.
  • There are various options that can increase the buying price rate of the zebra printer depending upon the options available like magnetic stripe coding and smart coding. Hence, you must consult with the right professional in order to buy the best zebra printers.

Zebra printers worry about their location:

  • The company operating to produce zebra printers will need some extra care to build their office in order to prevent the machines from dust storms, thunderstorms, winds, etc.
  • Their models are more durable and work amazingly for companies dealing with large amount of warehouse labelling, recovering and shipping.

Relies on matching supplies: There should be appropriate matching supplies for all printers as it optimizes its performance and increases the life of printer’s head. Using the incorrect media and ribbon combinations can cause problems like lower print quality and malfunctioning of printer.

Zebra label printers:  Zebra card printers are the most amazing printer in the industry of barcoding and undergoes various quality checks. It is suggested to choose the right language like ZPL for zebra printers as the compatibility of the software depends upon the technological advancement.

Therefore, zebra labels work best for small businesses as they are efficiently designed and bring enormous value with greater convenience and few breakdowns. For more information about Printers Click here

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