Top 9 Student Distractions While Having Online Classes at Home

Online Classes at Home

Distance learning has become a popular education format in this day and age when time flies fast and situations, like a pandemic, require it. People are developing more ways to make learning accessible, and through impressive technological innovations, online classes are made possible and, eventually, made better. For sure, online classes are so advantageous today because being at home is convenient in many ways. Nonetheless, it cannot be denied that student distractions also exist even with e-learning. 

Students might be staying in their houses while having their online classes, but it’s inappropriate to assume and say it’s easy for the reason that they’re “just at home”. That’s because people have varying situations, dissimilar abilities and different environments at home. There are obstructions common to all students while there are those encountered only by some due to unique matters.   

Delve deeper, and check out these top 9 student distractions while having online classes at home.

1 – Social media

One of the most powerful products, if not the most powerful products, of the digital era is social media. Through it, people can conveniently connect with each other despite incredible distances and contrasting timezones. You can never be outdated of the latest news when you’re active on social media. From national scoops to international news, social media has it. From politics to entertainment and more, it cannot miss a thing! Social media keeps you informed even about topics you’re not really interested in. 

The most used social networking sites worldwide are Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Although some similarities sit among them, they are different from each other. What’s certain is that they are so loved by people all across the globe. 

Unquestionably, social media is beneficial in manifold ways, however, it’s also one of the biggest student distractions out there. When you’re logged in to your social media accounts and the Wi-Fi is on, notifications and chat messages can disturb your study. 

Endless contents are presented to your eyes anytime, so the moment you hold onto your smartphone and scroll through your social media feeds, you might not realize that you’re already endlessly scrolling and forgetting about your to-do lists for your online classes. Just 2 minutes of checking your Facebook timeline is harmless until you don’t notice that 30 minutes have just passed. 

2 – Video games

Resting from your sessions is very important, but sometimes, what you do during your breaks can drag you into losing focus and active interest in your online classes. Playing video games is one of the student distractions that can form that effect.

When you’re playing video games where you level up, you keep wanting to play and to reach higher ranks. This can interrupt your attention from your lessons as your mind is somewhere else, and you want to finish the online class already. A lot of time is wasted, too, because when you’re playing, playing and playing, you don’t notice the time or you ignore it. Instead of accomplishing your tasks for school, you’re unproductively on your video games. Especially if you’re playing with friends, video games are major student distractions.

Remember that it’s alright to have fun and leisure as a student, but you must be wise and responsible, so it won’t be a hindrance to your studies. Don’t play during online classes and during hours when you need to finish your assignments or to study for exams.

3 – Television

Nowadays, people are spending more time on their phones, laptops and tablets than on their home television. Even so, a switched-on TV can be a huge distraction for students having online classes. How? Though you’re not really watching, the screen and the audio can steal your attention from the desktop you’re using for your online tutoring. And that’s more possible and impactful when an interesting drama or your favorite TV show begins. 

In spite of being able to multitask, attending online classes and watching TV, your concentration can still get diverted into other unimportant things. You can give full-on awareness and understanding to your online classes when the TV is turned off.    

4 – Music

Some students find listening to music an effective tool for them to study well. It motivates and wakes them up. However, if you’re not that kind of student, music can be an obstacle. It can do quite the opposite, making you sleepy. 

On another note, some people consider music one of the magnetic student distractions because their minds, if not their mouths, sing along. That is specifically when you’re playing your favorite songs.

5 – Noise from neighbors

There are students living in single-detached houses, so they have ample privacy and quietness. On the other hand, for those living in homes connected to other homes or buildings, their distraction could be the noise coming from their neighbors. 

Loud talking and shouting for whatever reason are surely bothersome. When the neighbor plays loud music from their speakers, it’s impossible for students to not get disturbed unless they have soundproof study rooms.

6 – Classmates on the other side of the screen

Students, be honest. Your classmates on the other side of the screen can sometimes be your distractions too. That is when you’re communicating through social media, text messaging or a different tab while online classes are ongoing. 

You can let it slide when they’re contacting you for some school-related questions, but when they’re just playing around, talking about something irrelevant at the moment or inviting you to skip your online sessions, they’re obviously student distractions. You may call it a bad influence if it seems fit.

7 – Interruption from family members

Being at home for online tutoring and courses provide a good chance for students to spend time and get closer to their family. However, because their families are at home, too, it’s oftentimes unavoidable for them to cause interruptions in some ways. 

Your younger siblings are running around. The eldest sister keeps asking you questions for their work. The eldest brother enters the room to get some stuff here and there. Your parents are cleaning the house. There could be family members laughing together while watching a movie, or there could even be some little verbal quarrels. These are just example scenarios wherein the students’ own families at home can create distractions. 

This is more relatable for students living in a small or average-sized dwelling, having insufficient rooms that can be privately used as study areas. 

8 – House chores

When students are at home, they help in doing house chores unlike when they’re in school. Of course, it’s right for children to help their parents. Meanwhile, for students who are adults already and living alone and separately from their family, needless to say, there’s no one else to entrust the house tasks to, so doing them on their own is mandatory. 

Well, it’s not bad; actually, it’s a responsibility. Yet, house chores can be a student distraction when they’re not scheduled properly because time management becomes inefficient. Moreover, when the house chores have piled up so much that you can’t help but think of them even while you’re on your online tutoring session, your attention becomes interrupted. 

9 – Laziness

Last but absolutely not the least on this list is laziness. Everyone gets a bit (or more than a bit) lazy once in a while, but as for e-learning, being very cozy and familiar to home can be the reason for that slackness. 

Because you’re in the snuggliest place for you, which is your own crib, everything you need is there, and you can actually wear a shirt or pajamas and enter the virtual room without brushing your teeth, it’s not a surprise if you’ll feel inactive. Being in your comfort zone can also be a huge student distraction for online classes. 



Focus is very important in studying. Once it gets diverted, you can lose concentration before you know it. Traditional schooling is not exempted from various interferences, but online classes are faced with comparably more challenges. Not everyone acknowledges the struggles of students (and teachers) in e-learning when in fact, they must be paid attention to. Just because students are having their lessons from home does not mean that comfort and ease are perfect! Of course, just like anything, there are difficulties in online learning, and they can be caused by circumstances and people and by internal conflicts. 

Student distractions are normal. Everyone’s attention gets interrupted in one way or another. What’s more, breaks from online classes are needed. Nevertheless, as students, you should be willing and ready to manage and overcome student distractions. In that way, you can have a student-life balance and learn better too.


Nicole Ann Pore is a writer, an events host and a voice over artist. Quality and well-researched writing is her worthwhile avenue to enlighten and delight others about things that matter. She is a daytime writer for InFlow Education, expert  tutoring services in Australia. Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts.

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