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You may be surprised to learn that 87.8% of individuals find it difficult to leave their smartphones at home. Given this fact, it should be no surprise that a damaged cell phone causes constant tension, fear, and panic.

Are you low on budget and don’t want to visit a cell phone repair store? You can fix it yourself! But remember that there are types of damage that should only be examined and repaired by cell phone repair professionals with the right skills, tools, and knowledge. Only try DIY hacks on slight damage.  Instead, you could just want to “get by” until you can afford to upgrade.

Before going to a cell phone repair store, continue reading to learn everything you have to know to perform your own repairs. We’ve covered all you need to know about the most common phone issues and have also given DIY repair options, whether you own an Android or an iPhone.

Ready to save time and money? Let’s dive right in!

Most Common Cell Phone Repairs

If you are not tech-savvy, repairing phone damage can be very challenging. We still recommend professional help from a cell phone repair store.

Here are some of the most common phone problems and their repairs:

Battery Problems

  • Your phone’s battery is dying: If your battery is running low, consider turning down the screen’s brightness or turning off live wallpapers.
  • The battery isn’t charging completely: Try changing charging cables to determine whether the problem is with your smartphone or the cord. Keep your smartphone out of places that are particularly hot or damp as well.
  • The battery is swollen or bulging: Any cellphone with a replaceable battery or older models seems to have this issue. For warranty replacements, try and contact your manufacturer or go to a nearby cell phone repair store.

Broken Screen

A cracked or shattered screen is inconvenient and unpleasant, especially when you use your smartphone as a portable computer for work. You won’t be able to completely view the application icons if your phone screen is broken, let alone use such apps for useful tasks.

You may use the following techniques to fix your smartphone if it has a cracked or damaged screen.

  • Take a piece of tape, then cover the screen crack with it.
  • Super glue can be used to repair minor phone screen cracks. Use a cloth to remove any leftover glue.
  • Try changing your cracked phone screen to a new one and see if the touch still works.
  • Your device’s manufacturer may be willing to provide a free phone replacement if it is still covered by the warranty.
  • Trade in your damaged smartphone and use the money to purchase a new one.

Slow Performance

Slow performance is another typical problem that needs fixing. Here are some troubleshooting steps: 

  • Check your internet connectivity to see if that’s the issue.
  • Reset your phone. Sometimes, a power cycle can fix many issues.
  • Empty storage.  Your phone may start having problems if it has less than 10% available.
  • Update your device’s operating system and apps.

Think about going to a local cell phone repair store in Winnipeg. A cell mechanic might be able to assist you if you are unable to fix your mobile device.

Damaged Charging Port

  • Reset it: Sometimes, software problems prevent the phone from recognizing its charging port. 
  • Fix your charging cable, then use it with a smartphone that you are certain is working correctly. Sometimes, rather than your phone, it’s just your charger that needs repair. Simple fix, yes?
  • Unclog your charging port: If everything else is fine, consider cleaning any dirt from the charging port.  

App Crash

Ever faced this? Having an application crash when you’re playing a game or working on your phone is not enjoyable.

Users often mix up a hardware crash and an application crash. But it’s rather simple to distinguish between them. Your smartphone will become unresponsive when it crashes, and you’ll probably need to turn it off.

On the contrary, an app crash occurs when a specific application either doesn’t start up or crashes while you use it.

The following issues are caused by app crashes:

– An App suddenly disappears from your screen.

– Update the app; an update typically can fix bugs.

– Check the app’s privacy settings: On iPhones in particular, where Apple has implemented measures to ensure data privacy, it is crucial to enable the appropriate permissions.

Nothing Works? It’s Time To Take Your Phone to a Cell Phone Repair Store

Tried everything but still stuck? Take your phone to a cell phone repair store in Winnipeg. Luckily, you are surrounded by many trustworthy and reliable cell phone repair stores in the area, like APEX Mobile. Their highly qualified cell phone mechanics will ensure that all your smartphone problems are fixed!


Can I repair my phone on my own?

Depending on your device type, your skillset, accuracy, and knowledge, you might be able to do some repairs on your own or make your phone functional as you prepare it for professional repair.

Can a phone’s internal damage be repaired?

Take your phone to a specialist if you think it may have internal damage. They would open it with specialized tools and check inside for any broken parts.

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