Top Reasons to Follow Your Dreams


From a young age, we are often discouraged from following our dreams because they aren’t practical and because they won’t lead to a job.

Nonetheless, the reality of it all is that not all careers are given equal importance. So, in most cases, people give up on their dreams and actually end up doing things they don’t like.

So, the question is, why should you follow your dreams anyways?

Here are some of the essential reasons you should follow your dreams – no matter what!

Read on to learn more!

It Makes You Happy

The primary reason to follow your dreams is as simple as this – it makes you happy! Life is too short, and why do you want to waste your life doing things you don’t like doing? Imagine you want to become a farmer and have your own products of fresh veggies and fruits.

In the bigger picture of things, you will be making money by selling veggies and fruits with the help of refrigerated transport. This way, you will be doing a job that brings you real happiness while also making progress in the practical world.

Following your dream will be like following your passion – you will be doing something that you truly enjoy, and hence it won’t feel like work to you. Rather – the work will make you feel alive. At this point, some people might tell you that following your dreams is silly and insignificant.

Our advice to you is – don’t take their opinion seriously because they just don’t understand your heart and are doing you no good by projecting their own unrealized desires.

It Challenges You

Here is the thing – it doesn’t matter how small or how big your dream is – it is never easy to follow your dreams. You will be running into loads of obstacles during your venture of chasing your dream and making it come true.

For instance, if you like coffee and you dream about becoming a barrister yourself, you will have to undergo training, learn about customer service, and even deal with rude people to make your dream come true.

You will also get yourself in different situations that will make you realize who your real friends are. But, you remain consistent, strong-willed, and determined to beat all challenges and obstacles because it has always been your dream.

Meanwhile, on the go, you will also develop essential problem-solving and critical-thinking skills, which will benefit you in the long run.

It Helps You Grow

Another reason to follow your dreams and live a life that you truly want is that by doing so, you will grow in life.

Here is the thing – when you do something you love, you can typically see yourself doing it for a long time. You can learn new things all the time. Surely, there will be other people out there who are better than you.

But you should always remember that the best way to learn is to learn from those who are better than you. This realization will free you from loads of pressure.

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