There is no better refuge than travel. Exploring new highlands, visiting the most beautiful cities, and finding the most amazing mountain views are therapeutic. However, it never feels enough. We always want to capture these memories in photographs.

While reviewing photographs, we often forget that the camera lens is not like our eyes. So how do we click these perfect pictures? How can I bring out the beauty and essence in each photograph?

Read the article to find out.

Understand Camera Basics

Anyone can take amazing pictures using an average camera or even a smartphone camera. The secret to a perfect shot lies in understanding your camera.

It begins with a simple camera. It is essential to know what that box with a glass lens is capable of doing. You must be well versed in all the features, settings, and technicalities. If you have various lenses, you must understand how to use them for the best results. Similarly, the smartphone cameras of today are well equipped with multiple features. You adjust the shutter speed, ISO, aperture, light, etc., to capture the perfect shot.

Therefore, it is crucial to study and understand the technicalities of a camera. If you are wondering how to do it, the answer is easy-Google. Youtube has many people who can educate you on easy professional and smartphone camera tutorials. You can learn these details and technicalities for them.

Natural Light 

Nature is the best photographer and the best filter. Therefore, the top photographers suggest you shoot in natural light. They prioritize the “golden hours” and the “blue hours.”

The golden hour is when the sun is at its brightest, probably during the afternoon. You can see the sky painted yellow with a slight tint of red and orange. If you’re looking for recommendations to photograph the golden hour, Cambodia is one of the best countries because the sun is brighter during the afternoon, creating a beautiful sight. But if you’re flying internationally, as mentioned by iVisa, you’ll need to apply for a tourist visa in advance so you don’t miss out on it.

Similarly, the blue hour is when the sun is about to set near the horizon. At that moment, the sky is in hues of blue and violet.

Most travel photographers get up early morning to capture the perfect shot. The natural light in these hours beautifies the landscape, which enhances each picture you click.


The frame is an important aspect of photographs. It is crucial to see and decide what elements must be added or avoided in your camera frame.

Capturing the head of a tower in half or a sailing boat captured only from the end can hamper the essence of the picture.

However, sometimes you might need to exclude something from the frame to make it appear more symmetrical and aligned.

The problem is, that there are no hard and fast rules for mastering framing. It comes with practice and experience. You can never be sure what elements might be outside your frame and if they must be removed or included.

As a result, you need to judge yourself if you want to include something in your frame or not.

Be creative

Photography is art, and art requires creativity. All the online tutorials and videos can give you ideas and teach photography techniques. However, only you can create the real magic in real-time settings.

Therefore, you must be creative with your pictures. You must think outside the box while fixing frames and deciding your elements. To be more creative, some photographers photograph the reflection rather than the actual object. You can also look for the best instagrammable places to get the amazing views. 

For example, they click the picture of the object’s reflection in water or on a car window. As a result, it seems like an eye’s view is captured in a day. It’s how we come across a reflection on a car or in water.

This is only one example. You can think of others as long as it gives you a creative edge.


As a photographer, you might get tempted to try new locations and explore new angles to capture the best shots. However, you must always calculate the consequences and measure the risks involved.

Climbing mountains, trees, or sitting near fast-running water can be dangerous. You might lose your balance and fall. Similarly, if you are in a wild, bushy region, you must take care of insects or small animals.

If you are visiting a new place or country and wish to photograph the people, seek consent. Everyone might not be willing to become a part of your photo memories.

In short, if you are going anywhere risky, you must take all the necessary precautions to ensure you can have a happy trip. However, it is always suggested that you conduct some research about your destination.

Learn about the people, their culture, nature, prime locations, etc., and be prepared with all the equipment before you arrive. When you know the places you might be willing to go to, you can acquire all the necessary safety gear and other necessary items.


Travel is almost every man’s bliss. Who does not enjoy seeing different places and different people? I hardly know anyone who does not enjoy the bright sun rising from behind the mountains or the sun setting on the horizon of the ocean.

To capture these beautiful moments perfectly, one must be well-versed with the apparatus. We hope the above-mentioned points will help you choose the perfect picture for your next trip.

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