Two-Wheeler Insurance for Commercial Use Bikes

Two-Wheeler Insurance

The Indian government has made it mandatory for every two-wheeler owner to have an insurance policy under the Motors Vehicle Act. Many companies own bikes for commercial purposes. Many commercial bikes are used as delivery vehicles and riders are often prone to rash driving due to deadlines or are subject to riding in heavy traffic conditions. Conditions like bad weather and road spills, etc. may also cause unforeseen damages and risks.

Having two-wheeler insurance acts as a savior at times of uncertainty. It aids financial support at the time of incurring repair expenses due to damage caused by accidents, natural calamities, etc. It provides benefits like financial protection, coverage for bike theft, coverage for accidental injuries, coverage for spare parts required in repairs, and roadside assistance to the policyholder. 

A commercial vehicle may be used by bigger businesses or small startup businesses. Loss of vehicles in an accident or theft could lead to a huge financial loss. If you are an individual business owner, it may even bring you to a position where your business is impacted immediately. Living with such uncertainty could be a costly and risky affair. Hence it is important to take an insurance cover to safeguard yourself from facing such financial burdens, uncertainties, and risks.

Types of Two-wheeler Insurance in India for Commercial Use of Bikes:

To suit the different needs of people insurance companies today in India have different insurance plans. Before buying an insurance cover for a two-wheeler it is important to compare policies from different insurance companies to know their offer, coverages, inclusions, and exclusions. 

  1. Third-party cover: In third-party insurance cover, the insurance company bears the costs when an accident occurs or when your bike causes injuries to a third-party property. This type of insurance thus covers injury to the third party or third-party property damage. It is important to note that this type of coverage does not cover the risk of theft, fire, parking accidents, etc. and in such cases, the damages would have to be paid out of your pocket.
  2. Comprehensive insurance: This type of coverage is like a wholesome package where it covers both third-party damage and own damage. Own damages include theft, natural calamities, riots or terrorist activity, or damage caused during travel. However, it is important to note that this type of coverage does not include protection against loss of personal belongings, accidental loss, or damage to the vehicle due to the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Additional benefits:

  • Loss/theft of key coverage: It is possible that the keys can be stolen or lost, in such situations this add-on cover for key replacement will help in immediate replacement where the cost will be incurred by the insurance company.
  • Roadside assistance cover: One can avail of roadside assistance and get paid for services in return when situations like a mechanical problem or empty fuel tank, etc. happen in the middle of nowhere.
  • Zero depreciation: The insurer gives compensation to you for bike parts that may get damaged due to an accident.

An important point to remember for commercial use bike insurance

Bike insurance provides coverage for the personal usage of the bike. If you are using your bike for commercial purposes then the coverage of your bike is not included in the vehicle insurance policy. For insurance of your commercial bike, you need to have passenger carrying vehicle insurance under commercial vehicle insurance. 

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