Various Kinds of Lighting and Supplies and their Purposes in Different Situation

Kinds of Lighting


Lighting or the other name called illumination is the one specified that the use of light to execute graceful effects where the situation demand. It may be either natural like sun or artificial like man made bulbs using electricity. Generally natural light can be used during day time to save energy. But night time demands artificial light source for enough lighting around. There are lot of modern and fashionable lighting are available for both indoor and outdoor. The actual purpose of lighting is supplying light during the needy situations such as emergency situation, during particular job or in the regular work.

Types of lighting and supplies

Based on the situation there are different lighting are existed that include outdoor lighting, emergency & exit lighting, light bulbs, lamps, warehouse lighting and shop lighting etc. These supplies can be used based on the needs. For example, in case for particular job means task based, tool connected light or temporary lighting can be used. For site work hands free lighting supplies may serve the purpose. For home or shop purpose permanent light supplies like light bulbs or lamps can be used.

Indoor (or) Outdoor Lighting and supplies

The well planned and proper lighting with suitable supplies can maintain the mood and make easier to work at the particular environment. These can be achieved by Indoor and outdoor lighting which also exhibit elegance atmosphere. Lighting and the proper supplies can be termed as mood swingers where the system change moods also will change. There are different types of indoor lighting supplies existed such as chandelier, track light, wall mounted, ceiling mounted or floor lighting etc.

To improvise the performance of human activity during the unavailability of day light or during night out-door lighting and supplies took responsibility to serve the purpose. Also it creates safe and comfortable surroundings. Along with halogen and incandescent lighting LED also delivers the best for outdoor lighting. Generally multifaceted reflector along with the LED is the best suitable outdoor lighting supply.

Decorative Lighting and Supplies

Either it is indoor or outdoor lighting, decorative lighting and supplies find its space to grace the occasion. Usually, decorative lighting will be used to light up the surroundings (indoor or outdoor) to create the match the mood required to the specified occasion. For the indoor decoration fancy bulbs or lamps are used with different designs. For outdoor decoration usually serial connection of bulb with different colors of lighting used.  LED finds a space here too to deliver the light. Edison light bulb is antique lighting supply can be easily identified by its complicated windings of the filaments and looking long. It produce the output as warm-yellow shine of the light. Edison bulb enhance the vintage vibration at the home. It is the right choice for retro look and even decorative purpose. There are few types of Edison light bulbs such as the franklin, the classic and LED Edison bulb. The Franklin light supply looks larger than the classic where the filament is visible. The classic seems smaller than The franklin where it is incandescent traditionally. These two are not eco friendly but the third category LED is ecofriendly and much brighter that suits for environment.

Emergency and Exit lighting and supplies

These lights are specifically created to guide the people when the emergency situation demands. Even though power failure occurs it will illuminate to support the purpose. This is the kind of system called standalone system. Bathrooms, storage rooms, operation theatre and internal rooms etc exactly required these lighting and supplies. These lighting and supplies majorly categorized as centrally supplied or self-contained.  Centrally supplied lighting supplies needed a central battery backup where self-contained have their own backup as a super capacitor or battery.

Modern Light Supply

Though the traditional tungsten filament or Sodium vapor lighting supplies served the lighting for many years because of environmental concern modern light source occupying the place of traditional light source. LED stands for Light Emitting Diode light source is the main category that covering the space where the lighting is required. LED mainly saves the energy also being environmental friendly. Nowadays lighting sources such as lamps and bulbs are attached with other accessories like fan to illuminate the surrounding.

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