What Are the Different Types of Homes That Exist Today?

Different Types of Homes

Did you know that there are approximately 142 million housing units spread across the United States of America? There are tons of different styles and types of homes in America, so there is sure to be the perfect home for everyone. The best homes get their influence from all over this great land and beyond.

There are a number of factors to consider when you start looking at purchasing your new home. The size of the home is important as your family grows in number and there might be a particular style that you’ve always wanted. Understanding the names of the different homes out there will help you remain an informed and smart homeowner as you navigate the home-buying process.

The good news is that you’re in the right place to learn all about the different types of homes out there. Keep reading to learn more today!

Cape Cod Home

The style of home known as the “Cape Cod” has deep roots in American architecture as these types of homes go all the way back to the 1700s in the Cape Cod area of Massachusetts. They might look cozy and charming but they’re built to stand the test of time going up against harsh New England winters in coastal areas. 

The typical Cape Cod home features wooden siding and roof shingles. They also feature a prominent front door in the center of the home with a single window on each side. Over a period of time, the Cape Cod home has grown more spacious which means that there are more windows to add to the appearance and increase the natural light that enters the home.

Colonial Home

Another classic type of home that you’ll find in the United States is the Colonial home. There are a decent number of similarities that the Colonial home and the Cape Cod home share. They’re both quite symmetrical and they both date to the very beginnings of the United States.

The Colonial style of home first came to prominence in the 1600s after Europeans started settling the eastern portions of the continent. There are a ton of different influences that came together to create the Colonial types of homes. This was often determined by the origins of the people that settled in a particular area and the styles that they brought from their homelands.

The vast majority of Colonial homes are two stories high and they use the central staircase as an eye-opening way to greet any guests or visitors. Many people view these homes as the peak of formality in home architecture.

Contemporary Homes

Contemporary homes tend to look a lot edgier (pun intended) since they feature more geometry than other types of homes. It’s easy to get confused when trying to tell contemporary and modern homes apart since they do have a lot of crossovers. Some tell-tale signs of contemporary homes are the use of eco-friendly building materials and the use of clean lines in the home design.

Many contemporary homes also choose to use more muted or neutral colors when designing and building the home. You can expect your modern home to look sleek and advanced compared to more traditional home types in the United States. It’s sure to add a certain curb appeal if you ever decide that selling your home is the right move.


Cottages often elicit images of gardens and beautiful locations. You’ll have a hard time finding a cozier type of home than the traditional cottage. They’re a great option if you have a small family or you don’t foresee yourself wanting to have children since they’re often on the smaller side.

What you might lack in square footage with cottages you’ll make up for with how charming they look and the personality that they bring to the table. The original cottage design came over with immigrants from England where cottages were the home of choice for working-class farmers.

Cottages are popular as vacation homes since homeowners don’t live there full-time and don’t need as much space. Some of the most prominent features of these homes are the cozy, small front porch, wood shingle siding, and a cozy fireplace to keep warm during the winter months. They’re a great choice if you’re looking for rehab homes for sale.

Craftsman Homes

The Craftsman home is a home that gained popularity due to the focus on top-notch craftsmanship that goes into the design and build of this home. They’re the biggest statement against the typical cookie-cutter homes that you’ll find in many neighborhoods nationwide. 

You’ll immediately notice the hand-worked designs with the building materials. There are also exposed beams that add to the beauty of these homes that you’re sure to love when you’re ready for homeownership. Tapered columns are another prominent feature that you’ll see with Craftsman homes.

The inside is where Craftsman homes truly shine. You should expect some custom elements inside the home that add to the curb appeal. Many of these homes have beautiful fireplace areas where you can relax as well as custom built-in bookshelves. They’re sure to add a touch of class to your home.


Farmhouses are often romanticized and with good reason. These types of homes draw their inspiration from the homes that early farmers built in order to house their families. A big feature that you’ll find in many farmhouses is the high ceiling and exposed beams on the inside of the home.

Farmhouses also are famed for having large front porches where you can sit and relax in the great outdoors. There are some different subgroups to consider if you decide that you want to get a farmhouse. Some farmhouses have peaked roofs while others have roofs that are more barn-like.

There are many rustic features that remind you that you’re living in a farmhouse. Expect beautiful touches like exposed brick. The modern farmhouse is a perfect mix of beautiful and clean lines mixed with exposed brick and stone. They’re a popular choice for aspiring homeowners due to their rustic charm.

Mediterranean Homes

One of the most unique and exotic home types in America is the Mediterranean home. Many people refer to these homes as Spanish or Italian villas and these homes are great for balancing indoor and outdoor living spaces. Areas with relaxing climates tend to have a lot of Mediterranean homes, so if you’re moving to places like California and Florida then you can expect some of these gorgeous homes.

Many of these homes have tiled roofs and walls that are made of white or tan stucco. Balconies are another prominent feature of this style of home, which is great if you want an additional area to relax while you sip your cup of coffee.

Midcentury Modern Homes

The Midcentury Modern home was a result of home designers breaking away from the traditional home design and letting the creative juices flow. These types of homes came to prominence during the era after the end of World War Two. You can identify a midcentury modern home by the sleek use of lines in the design and the use of large windows.

The large windows are perfect for allowing your family to connect with nature. There is also a healthy mix of natural building materials to complement the man-made building materials. It’s a wonderful mix of eclectic and geometric which helps these homes retain their charm and character.

Ranch Houses

Ranch houses were a new style of home that became available in the 1930s in the United States but they didn’t truly take off until after the Baby Boom started in the 1950s. Most ranch houses are only one story tall and they make use of roofs with a low peak. 

Many people love ranch houses because they are accompanied by spacious backyards where you can build patios or grow a garden. There are plenty of different versions of ranch houses so you’ll have no problem finding the perfect one when you start shopping for the best homes.

Victorian Homes

No article on the types of homes in America is complete without mentioning the classic Victorian homes. These elegant and massive homes first started showing up in the United States in the 1830s and remained fashionable up until the early years of the 20th century.

These homes are up to three stories tall and often have small towers and steep roofs. Balconies and porches are common in Victorian designs, making these homes great for spending time in the great outdoors. Add in the additional decorations like spires and ornate woodwork and you’ve found one of the best homes on the market.

Now You Know the Types of Homes

There are many types of homes out there on the real estate market and they each bring something different to the table. Victorian homes bring a classic and romantic feeling to the table while farmhouses are great for a rustic curb appeal. Modern and contemporary homes are perfect if you want an eco-friendly house design that stands out from the pack.

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