What causes men to suffer from ED?


In this article, we are here to finds out about the various reasons why we tend to suffer from ED. ED or erectile dysfunction is potent incapability of your penis where you simply cannot get to make your penis hard even after all the desperate attempts. It seems as though your penis has almost failed to get you an erection. Before we get to the end reasons why you are suffering from ED we would like you to know that it is curable through medicines like Vidalista.

It is by using such pills that you can find erectile hardness for temporary few hours. We recommend that you must ensure to follow guidelines from a doctor if you want to use such pills.

ED and its probable causes

ED is a sexual disorder but it may have many non-relating and distant-looking problems which although may seem to be non-related to it is the end problem. The reason why you are looking for the best deals on Cenforce 100 price may have any existing disorder behind it mostly from the physical or else it could be from the mental perspective too. 

Now that you know it could be either a physical disability or mental problem that is triggering ED in you, let us know about the exact disorder types that may fuel ED. 

Physical problems causing ED-

Heart disorders

According to Kamagra oral jelly reviews, cardiac disorders can lead to poorer erections. Due to heart disorders, your blood flow pumping out capacity may be hampered due to which you are suffering from the disorder. Whether it is damaged tissue, damaged wall, or any other irregularity which forces your heart to beat slowly it may cause ED and you will be left with no other option than to buy ED pills from Powpills

Severe blood vessel damage due to diabetes

Diabetes is also one of the problems behind your regular doses of Fildena 100. You may have to take the pills because your blood sugar levels have gone abnormally high which is triggering the ED disorder. You see when you are suffering from too high diabetes it is the excessive blood sugar levels in your body that may damage your blood vessels severely. High blood sugar levels cause this sugary deposit in the internal walls of the arteries leading to a low blood flow area. As a result over time, some of the blood vessels even start to get damaged and this may be the reason why you are having to compare Cenforce 100 price.  


Obesity is a condition where people would gain weight abnormally high. as a result, the body fat percentage in the victim’s body becomes too high. What happens due to the high adipose tissue concentrations according to what the Kamagra oral jelly reviews have to say is that it will lead to constricting of the arteries. And this is what leads to high weight gain. You see obesity is one of the main reasons why the young generation especially people less than 40 years of age have to buy ED curing pills of Powpills

High cholesterol

Cholesterol is bad for your health. But unlike what you know there is a good part of it too. The reason why you are currently having to take pills like Vidalista 20 is that you have high levels of bad cholesterol or LDL cholesterol. You see it is LDL cholesterol which is not good for your body. So what you have to try and aim towards is to reduce the levels of LDL cholesterol and increase the levels of good cholesterol that is HDL cholesterol. 

High blood pressure 

High blood pressure is a common disorder. It isn’t classified as a disease. You see due to high blood pressure you may also grow ED over time. high blood pressure can lead to arterial and capillary damage over time and this certainly isn’t good for your sexual abilities. After a few years, you have to end up looking for the best Cenforce 100 price.  

Psychological disorders triggering ED-

Just like there can be physical reasons you can have psychological disorders as well that may force you to take ED curing pills according to the Kamagra Oral jelly reviews


Stress can be of several types. It can be professional stress, relationship stress which is anyway going to crop up in a couple due to ED, economical stress, family disputes, etc. all this will lead to lowering of your inner sexual drive and this may soon turn into having ED. 


Being in depression means that you have this hopelessness, and giving up feeling towards everything. Depression may also crop up due to several reasons similar to as given above in the stress section. It also lowers one intention to have sex and could be one of the reasons why you are having to buy ED curing pills of Powpills

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