What Is a Solutions Architect? Why It’s Essential in Business to Be One

Solutions Architect

Are you wondering about the feasibility of becoming a solutions architect?

If you answer a lot of questions for your business regarding technology, then you might want to consider this position. Quite simply, a solutions architect is someone good at integrating technology into your company.

But what is a solutions architect exactly? And how can this position help you and your company?

We’ve got the complete guide to what a solutions architect does and why they’re important to your company. Read on to discover these facts!

What Is A Solutions Architect

A solutions architect is an individual who is responsible for the overall design of a solution. They work with business stakeholders to identify and document requirements. They then create a high-level design that meets those needs.

Implementation details are typically left to other team members. But the solutions architect remains involved to ensure that the solution meets the intended goals. In some organizations, the solutions architect role is combined with that of the enterprise architect. 

Why Are They Important To Businesses

Almost every business leader recognizes the significance of digital transformation. It is an unfortunate fact that a large number of digital transformation projects fail. The majority of these failures are from a lack of necessary skills.

Digital transformation is always viewed as a purely technical challenge. This results in technical teams working and having a hard time addressing the challenges.

To meet their goals, development teams need well-planned and managed projects. This is where the role of a solutions architect comes in.

As businesses see the need for such a role, they make sure to check on a solutions architect certification and invest in the right talent. Checking out the TOGAF certification cost is one of the initial steps taken by such business owners. 

What Skills Are Expected from a Solutions Architect? 

A solutions architect is a senior-level IT professional. They are responsible for designing, creating, and deploying IT solutions. These solutions meet business objectives.

Solutions architects work with customers, business analysts, programmers, and other IT staff. This is for them to understand requirements and design suitable solutions.

Strong knowledge of technical solutions architecture is essential. This is to create detailed designs that can be implemented by developers. They must also be able to troubleshoot and solve complex technical problems.

Solutions architects must be able to explain technical concepts to non-technical staff. That way, they can convince others to adopt their designs.

Improve Your Business By Being a Solutions Architect

If you want to improve your business, you need to start thinking like a solutions architect. That means always being on the lookout for new ways to solve problems and make your business more efficient. It also means having a keen understanding of your customer’s needs and how your products or services can meet those needs.

So start thinking like a solutions architect today, and see how it can help you take your business to the next level.

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