What is an Upgrade to Harley Davidson CVO?

Harley Davidson CVO

When it comes to motorcycle manufacturers, the name that first comes to mind is Harley Davidson. People associate this brand with tradition and freedom. They also know that they can count on the latest in bikes when they choose to purchase from this manufacturer. The CVO line is a good example of this. 

What is a CVO? 

A custom vehicle operation, or CVO, bike is the top-of-the-line ride offered by Harley Davidson. It offers the style and design this manufacturer is known for and has the latest in technology. These bikes remain highly coveted because of the limited production, and they feature the craftsmanship and expertise one would expect from a Harley.

Riders find purchasing one of these bikes is an excellent way to take their ride to the next level, so if you’re purchasing a motorcycle, take a CVO for a test drive to see what makes it stand out. 

What Makes the CVO Special?

A rider might want to know what makes a CVO special. These bikes come with distinct styling that will appeal to most people. A buyer chooses from contemporary colors and finishes. Regardless of what they select, they know the bike will be powered by the Milwaukee-Eight 117 engine. This ensures they get the most factory-installed torque and displacement found on a bike manufactured by this company. 

In addition, the CVO line comes with advanced features. Riders find these bikes come equipped with rider safety enhancements. The ride is made more enjoyable by the Rockford Fosgate audio system, and the motorcyclist has access to wireless Bluetooth connectivity. 

Other features found on these bikes include the Reflex Defensive Rider Systems (RDRS) and automatic braking. Riders choose from various ride modes, and all CVO bikes come outfitted with adaptive headlights. 

CVO Features

CVO bikes come with features riders love. This includes chrome fasteners and blacked-out or chrome forks. Special CVO accents help these bikes stand out in a crowd, and they come with a distinct key fob. Look for the chin spoiler that has been custom designed and check out the heated handle grips. Other features found on these bikes include trim-covered hardware and remote lockable saddlebags

Upgrade Options

A rider may wish to upgrade their ride. For example, some people choose to replace their bike’s seat. Others find they want a larger windshield. Certain riders don’t like the sound of the motorcycle exhaust. They find the CVO exhaust to be too quiet for their needs. This is another upgrade a rider might consider. Highway pegs and a chopped tour pack are two additional options every buyer should consider. 

Outstanding Support

One reason riders return to Harley Davidson when they want a new bike is they love the company’s customer service. While bikes are known for being durable, the time may come when a repair is needed. Often, a dealership doesn’t have the necessary part available. As CVO models are incredibly popular, parts are easier to come by. In addition, finding a dealership to get these parts isn’t hard, as HD dealers are found across the country. 

Current CVO owners rave about these bikes. Any person looking for a new ride should consider one of these models. The company has been around since the early 20th century and it is not going anywhere. Purchasing a CVO bike allows every owner to be a part of history. Many riders cannot say the same. 

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