What is the average salary of a digital marketer?

average salary of a digital marketer

With more than 38 million internet users, Canada is one of the leading nations in the world for those seeking employment in digital marketing. The country counts among the most extensive online markets in the world. Internet penetration in Canada is about 90 percent, which is considerably high. Therefore, the digital marketing industry is booming in entire Canada. 

Various job portals show excellent job openings for digital marketers in all the major Canadian cities. Also, a digital marketing job in Canada is financially rewarding. According to Glassdoor, the salary of a digital marketing manager in Canada is CAD 59,240 per year. At the same time, digital marketing professionals with many years of experience and skills make CAD 78,037 per year. As the marketing profession has tremendous growth opportunities in Canada, taking a Digital Marketing course can prepare you to kickstart a career in this field.

After completing the course, students can choose various career opportunities that pay well in digital marketing. Top career opportunities in digital marketing are digital marketing manager, search engine optimizer, chief marketing officer, social media marketer, content marketer, digital marketing specialist, analytics manager, community manager, digital account manager, email marketer, digital content manager, data analyst, web developer, and copywriter. The highest paying positions in digital marketing are SEO specialists and social media managers. Let us delve into the top reasons to study digital marketing in 2022.

Top compelling reasons to study digital marketing

Digital marketing is essential to every firm’s marketing team across various sectors. So, here are the top reasons to study digital marketing in Canada.

Digital marketing professionals are in high demand

Internet users have been growing significantly over the years across the world. Therefore, every business today, regardless of its size, aspire to make an online presence to reach a broader audience. Digital marketers have competitive skills and experiences to develop effective marketing strategies. So, the demand for digital marketers is relatively high in developed countries like Canada.

Opportunities to work in various industries

Today, every company needs skilled and experienced digital marketing experts to thrive in the competitive business landscape. Thus, digital markets have the advantage of working in various sectors. Digital markets can start their digital marketing agency or work as in-house digital marketers for a company.

Earn competitive salaries

The average salary package of digital marketers in Canada is more than in other professions. Digital marketers earn hefty salaries for their skills and expertise in Canada. Canada’s well-paid digital marketing roles include digital marketing specialist, digital marketing manager, content writer, digital account executive, and social media manager.

Need a course?

As you understand the benefits of studying digital marketing in the digital era, apply for the course at a top Canadian institute. Fortunately, candidates from any educational background can make a career in digital marketing. Enroll in the program to gain all digital marketing skills to launch a career in this domain.

This article is written by Monika Sinha.

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