What Is The Major Contrast Between CVD And HPHT Diamonds?

CVD And HPHT Diamonds

Diamonds are the highest payout stone, so the dream of many more people in the world is to buy the stone. Since the diamonds are the highest payout, they will give a glowing look while wearing them. Thus, lab-grown diamonds are made in laboratories, and it will include the two methods of process, HPHT and CVD. 

The first method replicating the high pressure and temperature will be mined in the earth. The second method is, known to be CVD, which is Chemical Vapor Deposition, wherein there used superheated gas stimulates and grows a small seed of the diamond and then it will be grown in a short period. The lab-grown diamonds are said to be hpht diamondsand there are some key advantages when compared with the earth mined diamonds. 

Of course, lab-created diamonds are rarely cheaper than natural diamonds so anyone may buy them. The artificial diamonds have come from the supply chain, and they will be ecologically sustainable in case they may grow with renewable energy resources. The lab-created diamonds are not taken more time to grow, and therefore, the diamonds are available at a cheaper cost. In ancient history, the HPHT diamonds had a high amount of color, and now with the advanced technology, both methods are growing the diamond is colorless. 


Both the methods are the diamond manufacturing method, and those making properties are unique to each other. From the various company points of view on CVD Vs HPHTthey are advised to buy the CVD diamonds and then make sure to avoid the HPHT diamonds. The lab-created diamonds are given the best deal, and there will pressurize to buy the CVD and not an HPHT. 

Thus, every dealer creates a good deal for artificial diamonds compared with naturally mined ones. For middle-class economics, this method is suitable for buying lab-created diamonds. The main difference between the two diamonds is the lab-created one, the growing method of the diamonds is unique, and both are not similar. Both the diamonds have different growth patterns. When it comes to the HPHT is made in a cuboctahedron in shape, and it may have 14 various growth directions. 

In CVD diamonds, it may have one direction to grow, and sometimes, it will cause a strain; in addition, it will be rare and only seen under magnification. In ancient history, the HPHT diamonds had a high amount of color, and now with the advanced technology, both methods are growing the diamond is colorless. 

 Which is better- HPHT and CVD? 

Both the diamond are the better ones, and those methods produce the high-quality diamonds and so more buy them and gain the benefits. The real fact about it, both the methods produce D color. Thus, CVD gives more clarity than HTTP. There is no more high difference between them, and there is a slight variant. The lab-grown diamond in both methods has excellent characteristics to buy the diamonds. These are the key and major differences between them and give unique characteristics. Now you may get more idea about it, so pick the best method and buy the high-quality diamonds. 

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