What Should You Know about Banarasi Silk?

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Banarasi Silk

If you want to look stunning, sexy, elegant and gorgeous then saree is the choice. Yes, even today in this modern world, you can find a huge number of women wearing sarees of different types. Indeed, there is no doubt that these sarees are absolutely exciting, wonderful, lovely and pleasing. Once you wear a saree, you can look good and feel comfortable for sure.

However, if you are confused about which type of sarees you should try, the good news is that the variety in the types of sarees is rich and impressive. Now, talking about banarasi silk sarees, these are so popular that women buy them in abundance. Here are some convincing reasons that you should also purchase these Banarsi sarees.

Moreover, you should know that It is mostly confused with the Kanjivaram, another rich variety of India’s finest silk sarees. The only way that you can simply differentiate between a Kanjivaram saree and that of a Banarasi silk type of saree is by simply taking a closer look at the overall designs woven into the six yards. Though the Kanjivaram types of sarees feature temple borders, stripes, checks, coins, and floral motifs originating from Tamil Nadu, the Banarasi type of saree, with roots in Varanasi, characteristically has Mughal-inspired motifs.

Coming in diverse varieties like kora (organza) with zari and that of georgette/chiffon  and silk and tissue, there’s plenty that one can simply choose from. However, amongst all of these, the pure type of silk variety remains the most coveted one, it is even as fabrics such as cotton, tussar and even that of linen are also turning out to be popular. 

Elegant by nature

Saree augments the charm of women in conventional clothes. There are various varieties of sarees but Banarasi sarees are the prime and first choice of women. However, being out of fashion, gorgeous Banarasi sarees of women have been kept in the female wardrobe for years. But now the fashion and trend of Banarasi saree has returned. Many actresses and celebs have recently been seen wearing Banarasi sarees. A graceful and elegant royal look comes in the Banarasi saree. Even in the crowd or rush , when you come out wearing a stylish type of Banarasi saree, everyone’s eyes are going to be on you. Remember that it is the reason that after seeing the Banarasi look of the actresses, the desire or craving to wear a Banarasi saree was once again witnessed in women, but in case you are in the confusion that wearing a Banarasi saree does not actually make your look old fashion, then you are wrong.  You wear a Banarsi saree and you would feel the charm for sure. Here are some tips for you to look even more stunning and classy wearing these gorgeous Banarsi sarees!

Choose Banarasi Saree according to the event

In case you want to wear a Banarasi saree, then the most crucial thing is to choose the right type of saree. Therefore, before purchasing a Banarasi saree, keep in mind that in which specific function you have to wear the saree. Like in case you are getting ready for the wedding ceremony, then a silk Banarasi saree is going to be perfect and apt for it. You are going to look really elegant and graceful. The point is when you speak of these silk sarees, they bring an instant charm and elegance to the overall personality. Hence, you should try out silk Banarsi  saree and you would love it for sure.

Choose saree as per the season

Remember you must Keep the weather in mind when wearing a Banarasi saree. If you want to wear any designer or any sort of Banarasi saree in summer then you can buy an organza type of Banarasi saree. The point is simple, this type of organza Banarasi saree is going to get you a very fashionable and cosy look. Other than this, you can even carry Banarasi sarees with that of Tussar cotton, organza, and even texture. Of course, if the season is silk, then you can simply dig into the variety in the Banarsi silk.

Wearing a Banarsi Saree

The specialty and charm of the Banarasi saree is that it simply suits all body types. But by wearing a Banarasi saree, the overall appearance can be made fascinating. Banarasi sarees can easily be worn in a drip-style. But in case you do not really know draping styles, then you can simply carry a Banarasi saree in that of a normal, straight palla or even that of inverted palla style. The pint is you can wear this saree in different ways and different ways of wearing will get you an altogether distinct look.

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Points to consider when buying Banarsi Sarees

It is exciting that you have endless options in the realm of sarees in the present time. However, you can look into the right options once you have the right points in mind. Here are some points that would help you to make a perfect choice for your saree.

  • Pure Banarasi sarees are formed up of high quality silk and real gold as well as silver zari, and incline to be expensive. Stay away from cheap type of options that simply seem too good to be true.
  • Real Banarasi sarees is going to carry Mughal motifs such as ambi, amru, and Domak, as well as fine floral as well as foliage motifs such as kalga and bel, that fakes do not have.
  • Also make sure that you check the reverse side for floats between that of the grids of warps and even wefts, that only a hand woven saree is going to have. Machine woven saree are not going to have these.
  • Always look for a patch of plain silk, that of about six to eight inches long, on the saree’s pallu. Of course, it is going to ensure its authenticity for you.


To sum up, you can check out the variety of sarees in the realm of snapdeal and you would be satisfied and happy for sure.

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