What to Know Before Buying a Fifth Wheel RV

Buying a Fifth Wheel RV

About 47.6 million American households currently own an RV, have recently sold an RV, or want to buy one. Are you one of those people looking to buy a fifth wheel? Before you start comparing models and spending your hard-earned money, you need to do your research. 

Do you know everything that you should consider when buying your 5th wheel? 

There Are Benefits 

When you buy a 5th wheel camper, you will have an easier time hooking up and towing your rig. Your RV will have more storage space, living space, and home-like features. Once your campsite is set up, you can disconnect your truck, and you have a vehicle for running errands or going on local adventures. 

You Need the Right Truck 

You can only pull a fifth wheel with a flatbed truck with a jaw hitch mounted in the bed. You can purchase a truck without one and have it installed afterward. You cannot pull these rigs with a family vehicle, van, or SUV. 

In addition, the truck you buy needs to have an engine that’s strong enough to pull the weight of your RV. Look at the payload power of your truck and factor in the total weight of the RV and everything in it. 

Total Cost and Financing 

Setups can range from $30,000 to over $200,000. When you shop for an RV, know your budget before you start shopping. Prices range based on size and the features included. 

If you plan to finance your fifth wheel, do loan and lender research before you go shopping. You want to find the best interest rate with a monthly payment that you can afford. It’s also smart to work on your credit score to improve it as much as possible before applying for your loan. 

You Need a Storage Spot 

Once you make your purchase, you need a place to keep your fifth wheel when you are using it. You can keep it outside, but you should purchase a cover for it. Depending on where you live, you may not be able to keep your fifth wheel on your property, and you will have to pay for outdoor storage elsewhere. 

Another option is to rent a garage storage space. Indoor storage tends to be more expensive. However, it’s more secure and protective from the elements. 

Know Your Lifestyle 

Are you ok roughing it, or are you looking for a home away from home? Be introspective and know what you need to be comfortable and happy while on the road. This is a personal decision because what makes someone else happy may not be right for you. 

Consider the total size of the RV and included slide-outs that make the RV larger when at camp. Then consider luxury features, like full-sized appliances, kitchen island, fireplace, large closets, and king-sized beds. You may need to balance your desires with your budget. 

Buy Your Fifth Wheel

As you can see, there’s a lot to think about when purchasing your new fifth wheel. To ensure you make the best purchase, do your research, set your budget, and plan ahead. This ensures you get what you need and are happy with your purchase once you’re out on the road. 

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