What Type of Planner is Right for Me?

What Type of Planner is Right for Me

If there is one thing that we are all well aware of now, it’s that modern life is certainly a good deal more stressful than ever. Mountains of research and a lot of funding has gone into all sorts of innovative stress remedies. However, as yet, there is little that works as effectively as time management, and no tool that can aid in this task better than a simple panner. 

Next Level Daily, a company specializing in a pdf daily planner for ADHD sufferers, say that this does not mean planners cannot be cutting edge. In fact, research into psychology and time management has revealed much about how humans can manage time.

An erasable planner insert is a convenient and practical way to stay organized and on top of your daily, weekly, and monthly schedule. Unlike traditional paper planner inserts, erasable planner inserts allow you to make changes, adjustments, and corrections easily without the need to start over with a new page.

One conclusion this research has arrived at is simply that everybody is different. Well, not every last person, but there’s no doubt that different people manage time in different ways. This means that different techniques work better for different people and, yes, that different types of planners work better for certain people. 

But how do you know which one is right for you? The answer to that question takes some thought and a degree of self-analysis.

Universal Time Management Tips

All of that said, there are some time management tips and tricks which apply to everyone. Don’t ever think that you can dispense with any of these tips. 

Create a Hierarchy of Importance

The tasks you need to see to each day have to be organized according to a hierarchy of importance. Nevertheless, importance can mean urgency (a task needs to be done today, for example) and the more general importance of the task. 

For example, it might be particularly important that you pass an interview for a new job, but if that interview isn’t coming up for a couple of weeks and you have a deadline for your current job today, then interview preparation might be more important. Nonetheless, it isn’t more urgent. 

Have Long Terms Goals 

Daily tasks need to lead somewhere. Not all of them, it is true (getting the laundry done isn’t really leading to any greater goal) but your general daily planning should always be organized with what you want to achieve in the longer term in mind. 

Keep Your Plan Flexible 

This applies to everyone simply because everyone experiences tasks that come up suddenly and priorities which change. You need to be able to adapt any plan to account for these changes. 

How to Choose the Right Planner

So, with all of that said, how do you choose a planner that is right for you? Here follows some tips: 

Digital or Paper?

This could just be preference, or it could be the habit you have sunk into in other areas of your life. Are you somebody that reads books and newspapers and likes to hold something physical in your hands? Then it is a paper planner. If you like to organize your life through your computer or phone, it’s digital. 

Birds Eye View or Meticulousness? 

Some people prefer to see their daily tasks in the context of the week. This allows you to align daily task with medium-term goals. Others really do like things meticulous, though planning out a day down to the hour is certainly not for everyone and depends on workload. 

Visual or Verbal?

You can find daily planners that are very loud and use a lot of stickers and images in order to help you to remember things. Other people prefer all the information. This aligns very much to personality type, though it’s usually pretty easy to work that out. 

Daily planning should be for everyone – but not in the same way.

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