What You Need to Know About Debt Collector Harassment

Debt Collector Harassment

Are you dealing with harassment from an annoying debt collector?

Debt collection is a necessary part of the finance world. However, some debt collectors take their vocation too far, misbehaving and harassing vulnerable people. An unfair debt collector who harasses individuals or families can sometimes profit from the sense of anxiety, fear, and anger that they create.

Harassment from debt collectors is illegal. But knowing exactly how to navigate the legal system can seem overwhelming, especially if you’re in a tough financial spot.

Here’s what you need to know about how to stop debt collector harassment.

What Is Debt Collector Harassment?

This form of harassment is any behavior intended to annoy, disturb, or threaten a borrower in an attempt to collect a debt.

Debt collectors can contact you by phone, mail, or text message to try to collect a debt, but they cannot use obscene or threatening language, make excessive calls, or divulge information about your debt to others.

A consumer rights lawyer can help you protect your rights and take legal action against the debt collector if necessary.

Types of Debt Collector Harassment

Most debt collectors are professional and adhere to state and federal laws. However, some debt collectors engage in harassing behavior to collect a debt.

You should be aware of a few different types of debt collector harassment. 

Debt collectors are not allowed to:  

  • Make repeated phone calls
  • Make threats
  • Use obscene language
  • Reveal personal information to others
  • Contact you at unreasonable hours
  • Contact you at work

How to Avoid Debt Collector Harassment

Debt collector harassment is a problem that many people face. There are a few things that you can do to avoid it. Mainly, you should know your rights. Next, keep records of all contact with the debt collector. This will help you document any harassment or abuse and can be used as evidence in court, if necessary.

Finally, seek help from a qualified attorney if you believe you are being harassed. 

Request Cease and Desist 

If a debt collector is harassing you, you have the right to request that the debt collector cease their harassing behavior. The debt collector must abide by this request, which may be made verbally or in writing.

If the debt collector does not cease their harassing behavior, they may be violating the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, which could result in penalties for the debt collector. If you think you might be able to sue the debt collector, you might also wish to speak with an attorney to examine your options.

Debt Collector Harassment Is Illegal

Debt collectors are notoriously aggressive and often go to extreme lengths to get their money. It’s crucial to understand your rights and what a debt collector cannot do if they are harassing you. Debt collector harassment is illegal, and you can take action to stop it. 

You can stop the harassment by sending a cease and desist letter. If the harassment doesn’t stop, contact a debt collector lawyer to learn more about your options.

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