What’s Included in a Home DNA Test Kit

Home DNA Test Kit

We are all aware that DNA contains all the blueprints for our existence. Whether you want to confirm your ancestry, prove if a child is yours, or for criminal investigations, DNA will reveal all the details. A DNA test can be expensive, but thanks to technology, individuals can access a home genetic test.

The availability of home genetic tests to the public opens science to our homes. Research indicates that about one out of five Americans have used these tests for various reasons. However, understanding what is included in the kits and how it works is worthwhile before you rush to buy a genetic test.

Read on to find out more info about a home DNA test kit in the sections below.

What To Know Before Buying a Home Genetic Test

Before we dive into the items included in your home DNA test kit, it is worth knowing what to expect from using this kit. First, while the home test kit is accurate, its accuracy does not match the medical DNA test. 

These differences arise from how the test is conducted and the results analyzed. This explains why courts do not rely on home genetic test kits to issue a verdict. Also, given their accuracy issue, it is advisable to consider medical than home tests to rule out the possibility of inheriting a disease.

On the positive side, you can rely on home genetic tests to learn about your ancestry, including family background, origin, and extended family. 

How Home Testing Kits Work

The home DNA testing kit is an individual’s initiative. Hence, you will order, test and pick your results. Testing your DNA at home comprises the following steps:

  • Order Your Swab Kit

Start by ordering your home DNA test kit online. Upon reception, register the persons you will collect samples with their names and birth dates on the collection card.

  • Collect your DNA samples

Collecting samples is easy with swabs. Rub the swabs on the inside cheeks of the persons involved for ten seconds. You can then press the swabs firmly on the pink section on their collection cards for five seconds, turn it and press for another five seconds. This action will turn the pink paper white where you press the swab to transfer the DNA, after which you can close the collection card.

  • Mail Your Samples

Put your collection cards and sample declaration forms in a tamper-proof envelope, seal and mail for testing.

  • Get Results

After 3-5 days, your tests will be out, and the testing center will mail you the comprehensive results.

Components of a Home DNA Test Kit

The home DNA test kit comprises the following items:

  • An easy-to-use kit with step-by-step instructions
  • Free shipping both ways
  • Cheek swab
  • Up to five business days’ results
  • Confidential and private results
  • 99.99% accuracy

Consider a Home DNA Test Kit

Most times, individuals conduct DNA out of curiosity. Depending on the results, these individuals may or may not proceed to the courts. Therefore, a home testing kit is important to cure your curiosity and offers an affordable way to clear your doubts. If you want to settle a legal case, you will require a second opinion from the medical DNA test.

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