What’s The Best Way to Lower The Cost of Shipping a Car?


As much as we all enjoy the convenience of our cars, there are certain occasions when it’s not feasible to drive them to our destination. If you’re flying to an overseas destination, our team of car transportation and logistics experts at Elite Car Shipping is here to reduce your overall car shipping cost. We offer a free car shipping cost calculator on our website to help you get an accurate price estimate and a team of agents available at 1-888-885-5354 when you’re ready to find out how much does it cost to ship a car!

How Do Transportation Companies Determine the Cost of Shipping a Car?

The cost to ship a car is determined by a number of different factors, which include the total size and weight of the vehicle, the mode of transportation that you choose, and the timing of your pick-up and delivery. The overall cost to ship car will be a little different amongst transportation companies, but they will often price their services a little differently. When you call our transportation agents to get your no-obligation estimate, your price quote will be based on its fair market car shipping cost. Our partners will place bids for the shipping job, and they’ll offer you the lowest possible prices to earn your business. The cost to ship car will be more or less the same for each company, but they know that you’re shopping around. They also know that if they don’t offer you a great price, their competitors will!

Book Early And Save!

Each open trailer car hauler can transport up to nine vehicles, and that reduces the cost of shipping a car for each customer. The fixed cost to ship a car will be the same for the transport carrier no matter how many vehicles they’re hauling, which is why they want to ensure that the carrier is always full when it’s making car deliveries. Transportation companies charge higher prices for expedited shipping, and you can expect the lowest possible cost to ship car when you make your reservation several weeks in advance.

Transporting More Than One Vehicle is a Great Way to Lower Your Car Shipping Cost!

The car shipping cost gets divided amongst all customers transporting vehicles on the car hauler, and we can help you get an even better price if you need to transport more than one vehicle. It saves the company money when the drivers can load up with fewer stops, and the companies will happily pass the savings along to you.

Elite Car Shipping Offers a Low Price Guarantee for the Cost of Shipping a Car!

Elite Car Shipping Company has a full-time team of transportation specialists standing by to help you schedule door-to-door ground transportation, and they’re ready to help you lower your car shipping cost. The cost to ship a car is the same for most companies, but they’re always prepared to slash their prices for customers who schedule their pick-ups early.

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