Which is the best Linux environment for you in 2021?

Linux environment

2021 is the year of innovation. A lot of different operating systems are emerging and most of them are pretty useful. All these different types of environments offer the end user different type of features and different advantages over the competitors. If anyone want to know or to choose the best environment to work on, it’s going to be hard. As of now there are a lot more than a dozen Linux variations out in the market. And not only Linux but there are a lot of Linux based distros too. One might easily get confused in deciding on which one to choose. There is a very broad line between these different types of Linux OS’s. So let us first find out what exactly are we talking about.

What is a Linux environment?

To answer this question simply, Linux is one of the most used operating system in 2021. To an average user operating system mostly refers to windows or mac or android. But do you know that android is also based on Linux (partially). And similar to any other operating system Linux also does all the daily tasks that it is made for. But the main difference lies in the variant of Linux one is talking about. For example, parrot OS is a Linux distro and is mainly used for pen testing and similar things. Whereas kali Linux is very famous among hackers and network related tasks. Similarly there are a lot of different type of distros for normal users too. Ubuntu is one of the most famous Linux distro for being used as a daily driver for a lot of laptops.

Linux offers you a much greater control over your system than any other operating system. There are a lot of different Linux operating systems for different tasks. These operating systems are made based on the requirements of these tasks. These OS’s are tailor made to be best suited for the work. List of these environments is as follows-

1| Arch Linux.

This operating system is mostly suitable for programmers and developers. It has been made keeping them in mind. Some special tools have been made and placed in this distro, to ease the work of programmers and developers. This in turn increases the work speed and the efficiency of the programing and also helps them to do their work effectively. Overall it is very famous among programming world.

2| Debian. Suit

Debian is also a very famous operating system line of Linux. And yes, you read it right Debian is an os itself and also base for a lot of different type of operating systems as well. Operating systems such as Ubuntu, PureOS, SteamOS, etc are based on Debian. It has a lot of distinct features like extensive hardware support and it also provides you with smooth upgrades too. It is very good when it comes to security and support for releases. It is a free and open source software. And because of being free and open source people can customize it according to their will. It is mostly used by beginners.

3| Fedora.

Fedora is also one of the most used operating system by students and software developers. It has a lot of different features specially made for software developers, which help them ramp up their speed. This distribution is very good relating hardware, containers and cloud. Which is exactly why software engineers love this distro. This is also one of the main reasons why it is preferred by students as well.

4| Linux Mint.

Linux is a very famous tool used by professionals and developers. It is also widely used by students as well. Mint offers you a lot of packages. It offers approximately 30,000 + packages and is one of the best environment for software management as well. And on top of all that is also have full multimedia support as well. And to top it all of it is extremely easy to handle and use. Students also use it a lot.

5| Manjaro.

Manjaro is a desktop-based and oriented operating system which is mainly used by beginners. It is a easy to use operating system and is based on arch Linux. In comparison to other Linux based machines it is extremely fast and stable. It provides you with a lot of different automated tools to minimize the efforts on your side. You need not interfare again and again manually, while using this OS. Just like most other Linux OS it is also free to use and modify. And it also supports 64 bit architectures.

6| openSUSE.

Open suse is a very good and innovative type of operating system. It is used by both beginners and advanced users as well. It is widely known as the SUSE distro. It was made with software developers in mind. It provides you with feature-rich server environment.

8| Tails.

Tails is a very useful and well-known operating system as well. It is a portable operating system majorly used by people to do surveillance and censorship. It also is very good for privacy as well. It used for network to protect your online privacy. It includes all the required features to work on sensitive data and fully protected communication as well. Some of its features are advertising and viruses; leaves no trace on the computer when shut down; based on Debian GNU/Linux ; resilience against surveillance, etc.

9| Ubuntu.

Ubuntu is a very similar operating system to windows. It contains multiple features like office suite, browsers, email and media apps, and a lot more. It is a very popular desktop-based operating system and is used by a lot of students and professionals as well. With the features provided you can even create and share professional documents, spreadsheets and presentations on ubuntu with the pre-installed software named

10) LibreOffice.

And this is not it Linux is far wide and open. It gives you the exact thing that you need to get the work done. Linux can provide you with and operating system with the exact specifications that you require for your specific work. It have communities which develops operating systems for specific user cases. And you can modify almost all Linux operating systems on your wish too. Overall there is a Linux just tailor made for you too.

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