Why Are Not All CBD Products the Same?

CBD Products

Anyone on the hunt for CBD products may have noticed the sheer number of items for sale. It’s virtually impossible to find a CBD product that suits you when the choices are so extensive! Many new customers wonder why there is such variation on the market and why not all CBD products are the same.

But even beyond the surface-level variation you can see, there are numerous differences between CBD products. Contrary to what it may seem, there is a vast disparity in quality that can significantly affect your experience as a CBD user.

So, when you’re seeking ‘CBD oil for sale near me’, make sure you consider the following things. The sections below cover some of the ways that CBD products can differ, which may help you to select the best product for your needs.

Different Types of CBD Products Suit Different Needs

CBD Products

The most apparent difference between CBD products is the application method. CBD oils are the most common, but they are far from the only item on the menu.

CBD products can range from tasteless and convenient capsules to soothing CBD topicals. There is something unique to suit almost every need.

Each consumption method has its pros and cons. For example, edibles are delicious and easy to form a habit with, but they take longer to work than other methods. Conversely, vaping is rapid but not as convenient if you don’t already vape.

Every product type suits a different lifestyle. Before deciding which CBD product to invest in, it’s worth doing a little research to discover what’s best for you.

Some CBD Products Are Much Stronger Than Others

Another way that CBD products differ is in strength. Generally, users take around 10-25mg of CBD per day. This dose is appropriate for most users who want to take CBD as a general-purpose supplement. If you just want to maintain health and wellbeing, this is perfect.

However, your desired dosage can vary for all sorts of reasons. Some people wish to take more CBD in order to target specific symptoms. Others require more due to a higher tolerance or larger body mass.

If you are using CBD for the first time, it’s recommended to begin with a low dose of around 10mg per day. If you notice no changes after a week, feel free to increase the amount in small increments.

You can also speak with your physician to help you determine the best dose. This is considered best practice if you have a pre-existing medical condition.

Not All CBD Products Are Made Equal

Differing consumption methods and strengths are all quite obvious when searching for CBD oil. However, some things are less apparent, though they are still essential to look out for.

The golden rule to remember is that not all CBD products are made equal – lots of unscrupulous sellers market their low-quality oil at high prices. It’s an attempt to cash in on the CBD trend, but it means that users need to be careful.

Here are some of the factors to check out before you buy.

Quality of the Hemp

The quality of the hemp is essential in determining the quality of the final product. As of 2018, farmers throughout the United States have been able to grow hemp legally, ensuring an abundance of high-quality crops.

Generally speaking, hemp grown in America is of higher quality than that which is imported. It can still be top-grade if imported from Europe, but it’s best to avoid hemp imported from China and other parts of Asia.

Hemp is a bio-accumulator, which means it can suck toxins and other things from the soil. Thus, the soil in which it grows is essential to the resulting quality. The United States has strict agriculture standards, which is why it’s the best place to source hemp. Plus, there are fewer import costs.

Homegrown hemp is something to brag about, so you can often find this information on a brand’s website.

Manufacturing Processes

There are several standard ways to extract cannabinoids from hemp. The gold standard is CO2 extraction, which involves using supercritical carbon dioxide to draw the compounds out of the plant matter. In this process, the CO2 can be recycled, and many cannabinoids are extracted without anything being damaged.

Other standard processes include solvent extraction. Although effective and cheaper than CO2 extraction, there is a small risk of solvents remaining in the final product.

If you’re seeking the best possible quality from your CBD product, aim for one that was produced using CO2 extraction. Again, this information is typically available via the brand’s website.

Cannabinoid Spectrum

All CBD products contain at least one cannabinoid: cannabidiol. However, some items contain lots of other cannabinoids such as CBN, CBG, and others. These are called ‘full-spectrum’ CBD oils because they contain the complete range of cannabinoids.

There are also CBD isolates, which contain nothing but cannabidiol. ‘Broad-spectrum’ products are somewhere in between and typically mean that the manufacturer has gone the extra mile to remove all THC.

Some people used to believe that full-spectrum products are inherently better because they can trigger the entourage effect. Essentially, this means that cannabinoids work better together. However, there is no definitive evidence to say that the entourage effect exists.

It may not be the case that any particular product type is better than another. It’s best to do some research, try a few products, and determine which type works the best for you.

Final Thoughts: How to Choose a CBD Product That Suits You

When it comes to CBD, there tends to be a little trial and error involved. New users should take the time to do their research and explore the market before making a decision.

It’s important to keep the above information in mind when shopping for CBD products online. After all, some of the factors that go into a high-quality CBD oil – such as manufacturing processes – are not immediately obvious.

Hopefully, this guide helped you understand more about why all CBD products are not the same.

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