Why Portable Garages Have Become So Popular for Homeowners

Portable Garages

It is true that the prices of cars that most people purchase are equally the same price as other valuables such as your homes. And as such, subjecting your cars, trucks, boats, SUVs, or RV to harsh weather conditions can cause damages that would cost you a lot of money in repair. 

Intense weather conditions also shorten the lifespan of your vehicles. Even though most homes do not have garages or are not big enough to accommodate their possessions, there are alternative actions you can take. Purchasing and installing a carport in your home will help preserve the value of your vehicles and make them last longer than they would when exposed. Below are some reasons why a portable garage is becoming popular among homeowners.

A Portable Garage Offer Protection from Harsh Weather Elements

Many homes are not big enough to have parking rooms in the building. Therefore the majority of people are forced to pack their vehicles outside. Thereby exposing them to harsh weather elements such as sleet, rain, snow, ice, hail, wind, and intense solar heating. All these factors, over time, cause damage to your vehicle, lose its value, and decrease its lifespan. A simple solution for this is to have a portable garage

There is an option for installing a carport covered on the roof only. Others are covered on the sides, providing better protection to your vehicles.

There Is More Shelter Space

Portable garages come in varying sizes; as such, you have the freedom to install a carport with the shelter space you want. The extra space can be used for sheltering visitors’ cars, recreational vehicles, boats, and other maintenance tools and equipment. A spacious carport also gives an outdoor shelter during warm weather. And more interesting, you can use it as a backyard barbeque during family and friend gatherings.

Carports Protect Your Vehicle Against Theft or Vandalism

Leaving your cars in public garages or the streets makes them more susceptible to criminals as they are visible. But having a portable garage in your home will cover your vehicles, and it will not be easy for these criminals to see it, thereby deterring their actions and enhancing the security of your car.

Portable Garages Are Convenient and House All Types of Vehicles

Most carports are standing structures with only the roof and open sides so that you don’t have to worry about the entry to use when parking your vehicle or opening doors when taking out items from your car. Carports are also not specific to the kind of vehicles you park in; they can be spacious enough to house every type of vehicle.

There Are Stylish Options That Can Add Value to Your Home

Carports are available in different roofing styles and designs; therefore, other than offering protection to your vehicles, they add a beautiful look to your home. And this is particularly important if you intend to resell your home as it will have more value than when you sell it without the carport. Other benefits include saving on storage space and properly organizing your items for accessibility.


Portable garages are becoming popular with many homeowners due to their vast benefits. These benefits include; the availability of a convenient and spacious shelter in the home and protection of your vehicles from harsh weather conditions, theft, and vandalism. The stylish design of carport roofs also adds value to your home.

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