Why Should You Look for an Alternative to Eventbrite?

Alternative to Eventbrite

Everything that shines is not gold. Similar is the case of Eventbrite. It has more cons than pros. There are many event marketplaces that provide you with the same and even more facilities with less than the money charged by Eventbrite. Today, we will discuss how eventbrite is harmful for your event business and brand building activities.

5 Reasons to consider an alternative to Eventbrite.

1.     Promotes Competitor

Do you expect your event partner to promote your competitor’s event? Definitely Not,No wise businessman will ever accept such a thing from their event partner even after paying premium prices. Eventbrite promotes your competitor’s event tickets as suggestion just close to your event tickets. You puts ample amount of efforts and monetary resources to bring potential attendees to buy your ticket on Eventbrite. But these potential customer may get confused by seeing other events and end up buying your competitor’s tickets. You suffer not only a loss in sales but your competitor grows on your hard earned money. You should look for Eventbrite Alternative that promote only your events and not your competitor’s event.

2.     Costly Pricing Policy.

Event marketplaces follow different pricing models based on their company values and objectives. There are event partners who charge you per transaction. On the other hand, there are the ones who charge you per ticket. Frankly speaking per transaction charges are more cost effective than per ticket charges. Eventbrite follows per ticket charges pricing model. Firstly you pay a flat fee of  2.5% on each ticket Irrespective of the plan you choose. Secondly you pay 2% or 3.5 % charges per ticket as platform fee for a basic plan and professional plan respectively. As if this is not enough it charges 0.79$ or 1.59$ as payment processing fees on each ticket. This means that if your customer is buying for instance 5 tickets than he or she will end up paying more on Eventbrite than on platforms that charges a flat fees on per transaction.

3.     Less Event Facilitating Features

As stated early on Eventbrite you pay more and get less features. Sales boosting features such as automated follow-up from potential customers who have left the page just before making payment due to any reason. Secondly, Eventbrite does not facilitate community building and automated feedback collection which are essential for retaining customers and building relationship between brand and customer. Thirdly, it does not provide multiple currencies options for a single event. Eventbrite supports twenty currencies but it allows only one currency per event. This restricts your customer segment to one geographical locations. Your event might have a target audience across the globe but due to this currency restrictions they can not join your event. Your Global Event ends up becoming a local event and if you don’t want this then look for an Eventbrite alternative


After reading the above logical and factual statements you might have understood that it is in favor of your business to look for Eventbrite alternatives. Look for event partner who provide you essential functions with win-win pricing model.

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