Why You Should Learn More About Curtain Designing


We commonly mistake curtains as just a piece of fabric hanging behind a window, but in reality, they have more purpose inside the room they’re in. They mainly protect the inside from sunlight, outdoor debris, and dirt entering. 

However, this material also serves an aesthetic purpose with patterns, textures, folds, and thickness. As part of interior design, curtains, with their unique composition, play a big role in the overall function of interior spaces. 

In the rich textile industry of Turkey, several interior design schools also offer curtain making courses for people to take. So, it is important to have basic knowledge on this matter. This program adds to your overall proficiency in interior designing.

This article will talk about some of the benefits of a curtain in interior design and why you should learn more about them.

For The Overall Room Look

It mostly depends on the size of the window. Curtain sizes can range from as short as a valance, at least 18 inches, to huge ones that can cover an entire wall. It is almost impossible not to notice this piece of fabric in a room setting with these dimensions. 

It will contribute to the overall look of the room, one way or another. Therefore, choosing a proper and appropriate size is important not just for its ability to cover a window or a door but also to match the interior space concept. Knowing the designs of a curtain will allow you to identify the proper color, texture, and folds of a curtain for different areas.

To Express Your Personality

A person’s choice of interior design often directly reflects their character. At times, their preferred look is covered by all shades of their favorite color, filled in by their furniture style, and follows their conceived concept in mind. 

Learning these different curtains designs will surely help a client achieve an interior design that is not just functional but also reflective of their identity. This way, many people will understand others better and have a firsthand impression of their personality by just a glimpse of their interior décor.


Different types of curtains serve other functions. Curtains are a good instrument for privacy. Depending on the desired thickness, it helps to secure the inside because it can blur the light from the outside. 

On the other hand, if you want to block or control any light from the outside, blackout and other thick curtains are also useful as it makes the room more ambient and freer from any external and uneven lighting. Moreover, it also offers effective insulation for cozier living.


As different curtain types and designs do many purposes for people, their preference also gives them the comfort and intimacy they desire. As mentioned earlier, certain types of curtains can regulate the temperature and light coming from the outside hence it helps add comfort for people inside. Also, people’s favorite prints, textures, motifs, and colors applied to the curtains satisfy them and relieve them in various ways.

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