8 Best WordPress SEO Tips For Bloggers 2021 – Must Watch Out

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In this digitally evolving space, everything is changing at a lightning-fast pace. Marketing techniques are no different. Evolving from traditional and sluggish marketing tactics, today’s digital marketing has changed the marketing scenario. Using content to connect with the customers and creating an engaging relationship with them, digital marketing is all about making the best use of available resources and realizing huge benefits.

Blogging is one of the efficient ways to get straight to the customers by providing them with educating, entertaining, and engaging content. Today’s digital era is brimmed with customers who are online in the majority and looking for brands that not only tempt them but think about their concerns as well. Blogging is undoubtedly great to increase online visibility and build a credible position in the market. Through blogging, brands can reach out to their target audience and relish the benefits of a wider reach.

When it comes to content marketing, WordPress is a prominent content management system that has been handling websites and blogs for many businesses.

According to a marketing survey, about 29% of websites are developed using WordPress.

Apart from being the best user-friendly website building platform, WordPress is impeccable when it comes to SEO, as well. WordPress covers all the basic SEO strategies making the site potent enough for better search engine visibility.

If you have been using WordPress website design to make your site look appealing, it is important for you to understand that WordPress also optimizes your site for search engine rankings.

There’s no doubt in asserting that WordPress is the ideal place to build a quick and free blog. Backed with SEO tactics, better branding, and versatility, WordPress has become a powerful content tool for many. Let’s take a look at the SEO benefits of using WordPress:-

  •     Use quality SEO plug-ins like nowhere else.
  •     Get access to numerous SEO Plug-ins.
  •     Google Search Console becomes your ideal companion
  •     Ability to make changes in the coding.

There is more than one reason to love WordPress for its SEO capabilities. If you also intend to boost your SEO strategies with WordPress, then this blog will help you further make your tactics strong.

Come, discover some of the best tips to take your SEO to the next level, and place your website at the forefront of search engine rankings.

#1 SEO-Friendly Themes and Plugins

The Swiftness and ease of use are some of the reasons why WordPress is so popular among bloggers. You can set up a professional website in no time if you select the right plugins and themes. You should opt for SEO-ready themes and plugins. While you can choose any themes, opting for SEO-friendly themes enables you to have a strong start.

#2 Optimize Your Site Speed

Not only benefiting the WordPress website design, but site speed also benefits in SEO rankings. If you want to boost your SEO ranking along with enhancing the user experience, then optimizing your WordPress site speed is the first thing you must do as a part of SEO strategies. With the increasing page load time, page abandonment increases, hence it becomes a dire need for the developer to optimize their WordPress site for better search ranking.

You can also use tools to determine your site speed. Google’s PageSpeed Insights tool is one of the reliable tools you can use to gauge the speed of your WordPress site. It will critically analyze your site and give an unbiased rating out of 100. After determining your speed rating, you can make necessary tweaks to your site in order to optimize its speed for search engines. Google Page Speed Insight tool also recommends necessary fixes to optimize your site speed, including caching, image optimization, and compression.

WordPress is the ideal platform to develop SEO-friendly websites, and blogs that will boost your online presence. In order to realize the actual worth of WordPress SEO capabilities, it is important to deploy the right tricks and tactics. WordPress comprises all the relevant SEO plug-ins that make your WordPress sites potent for the search engines.

#3 Optimize Social Media

Social media plays a significant role in the life of every business owner. Such platforms can either boost your SEO efforts or can ruin them same. How you tag the links, images will show your SEO Knowledge. Making use of proper headings, providing the information which the users are looking for will surely increase your chances of ranking high on the search results.

So, whenever uploading the content or images, ensure you entitle it with the right caption, alt text, and informative description.

#4 Use SEO Optimized Themes

Luckily, WordPress has plenty of SEO-optimized themes to offer you that are perfect to strengthen your business website’s foundation. However, choosing a theme that is well-optimized for SEO is better than going with those who only have beautiful appearances.

So, pick the themes that have well-written code and guarantee the downloading speed. This will eventually impact your business productivity and target the potential audience.

#5 Make Your Site HTTPS

Google nowadays is doing everything it can take to make the web faster and more secure. By optimizing the search algorithms, it aims to make the search experience better for the users. And Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) is one of the aspects that make your website secure and ensure that all the data present is encrypted. So if you have not yet modified your website to HTTPS, now is the right time to do it. Google consider HTTPS site over the ones that are not.

#6 Focus On Quality Link Building

Internal link building has always been a priority when it comes to increasing the ranking of business websites. But, it is also vital to understand the benefits of external linking and how it can impact the overall SEO. WordPress has a plugin named SEMRush that depicts generating links as a necessary strategy to implement even if the website is focusing on the keywords with monthly searches of less than 10,000 in numbers.

Linking helps in decreasing the bounce rate, increases the loading speed, and pageviews. It may not have a direct impact on your website’s ranking but indirect benefits to the business also matter and should be welcomed.

#7 Use SEO Optimized Plugins

WordPress offers a wide array of SEO plugins including Yoast Plugin, SEMRush, All in One SEO Pack, and more. All these plugins are meant to boost your website productivity and encourage you to make the most of the meta titles, descriptions, heading tags, and more

All these plugins boost the On-Page SEO of business websites displaying it on the tops of Google’s search results. Overall, SEO covers everything from creating the XML sitemaps, content analysis to meta details.

#8 Mobile-Friendliness Is The Key

Another crucial thing that Google expects from every business and loves to see is the compatibility of websites with mobile devices. You might be wondering the reason behind this – Simple, huge population access mobile devices as compared to laptops or desktops to search for anything or gather information about specific needs.

The simple rule is if your website fails to load within the seconds then the website will not rank on the search results. So, to decrease the bounce rate and make the website load faster, executing the mobile-friendliness test is necessary.

Final Thoughts

The above-mentioned were some of the best WordPress SEO tips and tricks to make your website adhering to the search engine guidelines. All these tips come in handy when you need to optimize your WordPress site and make it appealing to the users and search engines.

Keep note of these tips and tricks and make sure you utilize them properly in order to achieve better results.

Making your WordPress site SEO-friendly is not a dream anymore. With these tips, make your site SEO friendly and drive more traffic.

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