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Custom Bakery boxes

Do you have a bakery business? Which packaging box do you use for the bakery item? How can you protect the bakery item from external environmental conditions? This one is the most common question that is asked by the bakery brand. The best choice for storing bakery items is the use of bakery boxes. As we know that the bakery items are light and can be spoiled when they are mishandled. So, they have to handle it with care. For this purpose, you have to use the best quality boxes that can provide you various benefits. 

Which boxes are used in the bakery?

In a bakery shop, we see that the customer is given the bakery boxes in which the bakery item is placed. It can be the cake, biscuits, or any other item that is baked. But all the items have different sizes and shapes of boxes. How can it be possible for one company to use various types of boxes?  For a successful bakery shop, it is essential to use the different types of boxes for the bakery item. It is because it is the need of the item. Different bakery items have a different life span. So, to ensure the quality of the product the bakery has to use the perfect packaging that can extend the life of the item.

What are the types of boxes you can use for bakery items?

In the market of packaging boxes, we see various types of boxes that are used for different products. So, which box is perfect for the bakery is a big question. Different bakeries use different types of boxes for bakery items.  As we have mentioned earlier that for the different products the bakery must have different boxes so it can help to increase the lifespan of the item. The different types of boxes that bakeries are using are listed below.

  • Gable boxes.
  • Tray boxes. 
  • Sleeve boxes.
  • Tower boxes.
  • Cake boxes.

These are a few types of boxes that bakeries use to put their item in, and parcel it to their customers. Gable boxes have a roof on the top side. It helps to protect the item from the external environment. The handle at the top of the box helps to carry it very easily from place to place. The bakery item that is placed inside the box is safe because it fits the size of the item. Sleeve boxes are similar to tray boxes. It is the same purpose as that of tray boxes. In this box, cookies, pastries, donuts, and chocolates are placed. They did not move from their place. So, their consistency is maintained, and presentation is maintained. The cake boxes are mainly designed for storing the cake in them. The sizes of the cake boxes are different because some people like to maintain custom cakes. So, to place those cakes, different shapes and sizes of cake boxes are required. It can reduce the rate of any damage to the cake because it has to be handled with care. When we know about the types of boxes that are used for the bakery item, then we can order different boxes from the packaging company. From these shops, we can get the bakery boxes wholesale at a reasonable price. It is not a tough task. The well-known companies are working in the market. The bakery owner can contact them online or physically and place the order.

Which things to consider before buying the packaging boxes for the bakery item?

Before you buy any packaging box for your bakery, you have to see some important points. It can help to increase the sale rate of your items. These points are listed below.


The boxes that you are using for the bakery item must be free from chemicals. The eating material must be enclosed in a box that does not have any chemical or bleaching process. For this purpose, the Kraft boxes are one of the best options. It is free from chemicals and cannot harm the product that will be enclosed in it.


The eco-friendly boxes are preferred by the bakery and also by the customers. With time, the environment is getting worse. So, it is the responsibility of the citizens to make the environment a living place. For this purpose, the first step must be taken by the companies who are selling their products. The boxes must be eco-friendly and easily recycled.

Grab the attention of the customers:

Grabbing the attention of the customer is performed by the packaging boxes. The better the box, the more customers will be attracted by the look. So, your design, color, shape, sizes, and printing must be accurate enough to grab the attention of the customers. 

Printing must be effective:

Besides the shape and size of the box, people also get attracted by the prints on the boxes. When the person is carrying any item from the shop, then boxes are the main means of promoting your business. When the person sees that box in the hand of other people his attention will divert, and he wants to visit or buy some stuff from the shop. So, the color combination, brand name, or tagline placement must be accurate. 

Do not spoil the item:

We know that the bakery items are light-weighted, and they have to be handled with care. For this purpose, the items must be placed accurately in the box. In this way, they do not get bumped into one another. So, select the type of box that takes care of this thing. In this way, your product safely reached its destination.

From where these boxes are available?

These boxes are easily available at the packaging company. They make different types of boxes according to the instructions of the customers. The bakery boxes UK is the best place from where you can get the best boxes. Here, you can get the quality of the boxes and whatsoever design, shape, size, and material you will get here.

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