Your Guide to Tracking Digital Marketing Metrics the Right Way

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing has become one of the best ways to get new customers in today’s world. Marketers aren’t just sticking with one digital marketing channel, either. Reports show that 36% of salespeople planned to increase their omnichannel marketing efforts in 2021.

However, you still need to create a marketing campaign the right way to get results.

You need to track many digital marketing metrics to gather the data you need to measure your results. Keep reading to learn how to track metrics that will help you run your marketing campaign the right way.

Click-Through Rate

A click-through rate is one of the most important metrics to track. You want people to view your ads and immediately click on them to view your website. While you won’t get everyone to click, you need to maximize the chance that someone will take an interest in what you have to offer.

You can run small tests in your ad messaging to see how it impacts your click-through rate. You’ll continue running these tests until your click-through rate is at a number that makes sense for your marketing goals.

Average Order Size

Your average order size is critical to know to measure the ROI of your marketing campaign. You don’t want to spend a ton of money to acquire each customer, only for them to spend less money than it costs for you to acquire that customer.

Track the average order size over time to determine how much each customer spends due to your ads. That will give you a better picture of your return on investment and if an ad makes sense to continue running.

Conversion Rate

Your conversion rate is another critical metric to measure in your marketing campaign. It isn’t enough to track your click-through rate to measure your campaign results. You need to know how many people make a purchase or take action after clicking on your ads.

You can set up goal pages for order confirmation pages and other landing pages. Doing this will tell you which ads lead people to your success pages. You’ll tweak your landing page and messaging to increase your conversion rate and continue the marketing process until your conversion rate is where you want.

You can also work with a consulting company like to get help changing your landing page design to get more conversions.

Open Rate

Your open rate is an important metric you need to track for your email marketing campaigns. You don’t want to send emails that people don’t open. But with how cluttered everyone’s inbox is these days, it’s hard to get attention.

Your email subject line is what will convince people to open it. You can gradually change your email subjects to see how that impacts your open rate. Doing this will help you nail your open rate and get more people to take action with your emails.

Never Run a Campaign Without Tracking Digital Marketing Metrics

You need an optimized marketing strategy if you want to see profit with your marketing spend. However, you won’t be able to do that if you spend money and don’t know what kind of results you get.

Luckily, many digital marketing metrics will give you the information you need to succeed. Whether you engage in email marketing, social media marketing, or PPC marketing, keep the metrics above in mind to track and optimize your results.

Check out the blog for more tips that will help you optimize your marketing ROI.

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