11 Best Toys for 30 to 36 month olds 2022

Best Toys

Your toddler will enjoy engaging in structured play and other more difficult activities as they become more able to focus. They are becoming more creative in their playtime, creating their own stories, characters, plots, and adventures through make-believe games. You can give them something as simple as a cardboard box, and they will transform it into a spaceship, castle, or other imaginative creations.

According to the Babies and Beauty site, your child is curious and will need toys to keep them entertained. Our guide will show you the best toys and other activities that will captivate and excite your 30- to 36-month old.

1- Books

Your toddler’s language skills have improved, and they can comprehend more complex words and stories. You can keep them interested with a wide range of appropriate books for their age, and they will soon share their favorites. Encourage your child to love reading and make story time an everyday part of their day.

2- Children-sized pots and pans.

 Your child will love to play pretend, and they love to mimic you in everyday household chores like cleaning and cooking. You spend a lot of time in the kitchen like many families. Why not give your children one of your own? They’ll be able to create various pretend culinary concoctions with their collection of dishes, pots, and utensils.

3- Toy building

Your toddler will never tire of this game, even if they are a pro at stacking blocks. Make sure to choose large, brightly colored, or stickle bricks that can be locked together. Encourage your children to think up more complicated structures.

4 – Puzzles

Your child’s problem-solving and hand-eye coordination skills are already developing by the age of three. Puzzles can be a great way to help your child develop these skills. They will enjoy looking at the pieces and figuring out how they fit together. Stick to simple pictures and large wooden pieces when buying puzzles.

5 – Memory games or beginner’s board:

These games, such as snap or snakes and ladders, will make kids laugh and help boost their brain development. It doesn’t matter if they are looking for matching pairs or just moving along the board; it will help them learn the sequence of numbers.

6- Arts and crafts

Children will enjoy creating art and crafting. You can now invest in an art kit or make one by gathering different art materials and placing them in a box. You can include things like crayons, paints, and brushes, as well as plain and colored papers, glitter, glue, sticky colored shapes, sponges,baby thank you card and plasticine. Be sure that everything is safe and washable. If you have the space, create a designated area for your children’s art where they can have lots of fun and spread out. You can also lay down an old tablecloth to protect your floor from any mess.

7- Outdoor equipment

Your child will love outdoor toys as they develop their physical skills. You can have endless fun with swings and small climbing frames. You can introduce your child to sports by playing with small basketball hoops, plastic balls, large golf sets, and play-golf balls. Your child’s hand-eye coordination will improve if they learn the basics of different ball games, and it will help your child learn the importance of playing with other players.

8- Dress-up clothes

 Your child will have more fun pretending to be a dresser as their imagination expands. You can make pretend to play more fun by giving your child a drawer or box to store all of the costumes, props, and other items that might be useful. It’s a great way to get him to practice dressing up and taking off clothes.

9 – Apps and games online

Online games can help you develop listening and understanding skills. These games can also teach your child about opposites, colors, and shapes. Screen time should be a toy that your toddler enjoys, and the emphasis should be on having fun, not learning. Use apps specifically for toddlers and have them sit beside you while he plays. Sessions on a tablet/phone should not last more than 20 minutes.

10 – Percussive instruments are the age of music

You can add some fun to the experience by giving your toddler a drum, tambourine, or rhythm stick so he can pound out a tune. Try out different music styles and encourage your toddler’s imitation.

11- Children-sized household toys

 It’s easier to buy toys for domestic use when they are realistic. Children will love to play with child-sized versions of household items such as pots and pans, dishes, or tea sets. Invite all your child’s favorite dolls and friends to his tea party. Cleaning up can be fun with a small brush, pan, or even a vacuum cleaner.

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