4 Dangerous Myths about Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol use disorder (AUD), alcoholism, and alcohol abuse account for 6% of deaths globally. That’s equivalent to 3 million people annually. This just shows how terrible alcohol addiction can be to families and society in general.

While there has been incredible progress in the medical community in treating alcohol and drug abuse, there is a lot of stigmatization linked to addiction in society to date.

The stigmatization has created room for misconceptions and myths surrounding alcohol abuse which has, in turn, discouraged most victims from seeking help hence keeping the addiction secret.

Let’s look at some of the most prevalent myths that prevent people from checking into a drug and alcohol rehab.

1. Getting Clean Just Requires Willpower

This myth is perhaps the most dangerous one regarding alcohol and drug addiction. Developing an addiction to drugs has nothing to do with willpower and does not portray weakness.

Several factors may push one to addiction, but willpower is not one of them. The root of addiction could be genetics, family issues, and social aspects. Unidentified mental health issues are also prime causes of addiction.

Furthermore, immediately an individual starts consuming substances and alcohol, physiological processes can cloud their judgment. Drugs affect the brain, and cessation could be completely difficult, especially if there is no outside intervention.

2. My Addiction Can’t Be Beaten

Although drug addiction is categorized as a chronic illness, it’s treatable. The belief that no rehab and counseling can help is a myth. Several studies have proved that addiction treatment is effective despite many of them suffering from different co-occurring physical and mental health conditions. 

An ideal treatment program starts with detox, followed by ongoing therapy, which helps individuals attain sobriety. Through treatment, you’ll get control of your behavioral and physiological processes.

3. You Have To Hit Rock Bottom Before You Can Get Sober

While it is true that most people seek treatment after hitting rock bottom, it doesn’t have to get to that point. You can start your recovery journey earlier to increase your chances of recovery.

‘Hitting rock bottom’ means reaching a point where one feels they have nothing to lose. Unfortunately, most people have lost their lives before hitting rock bottom. Besides, hitting rock bottom varies from one person to another, and waiting to reach that point might be too late.

4. I Failed To Get Clean Before so that It Won’t Work Again

If you’ve tried treatment before and experienced a relapse, it’s not the journey’s end. Sometimes, just one treatment isn’t enough to control addiction. This is especially true if you have a severe addiction, so you haven’t failed in anything as you might think. 

Remember that recovery is a process, and at times you have to try treatment multiple times before getting back on track. 

Want to Start Alcohol and Drug Addiction Treatment?

Most people believe that drug and alcohol addiction is about willpower or choice. According to them, if the addict wanted to stop using substances, they could. In truth, all these are misconceptions. Drug and alcohol addiction is a disease that can be treated like any other chronic medical condition. 

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