4 Outdoor Camping Date Ideas

Outdoor Camping

The concept of outdoor camping dates is a lot more fun than classic dining. Further, it shows your effort and willingness to impress the special one. And if you’re here, reading this, you definitely want to plan one for your bae.

So, what’s the wait worth? Let’s dig in to explore.

1. Utilize your backyard

Do you know you can transform your backyard into a romantic camping space? First, start by sending a romantic card to your sweetheart. You can place it under the sheets or post the card to your partner’s address.

Don’t forget to mention the dress code on the card. Bring a tent and heated air mattress with blankets and pillows to create a cozy environment. Recently I tried this in my backyard, and everything went well except for my pillows.

The freezy weather damaged the fabrics. When I told this to my friend, she suggested trying outdoor pillows from GetHommey. They were just fantastic.

The pillows come with UV and rain protection and are perfect for outdoor camping dates. You can also buy homewares in Australia from this site.

Now let’s get back to the plan.

Play your partner’s favorite songs on a wireless speaker to make the ambiance romantic. Make sure to design the tent with decorative lights and create a place for candlelight dinner outside the tent.

After dinner, you guys can play card games or watch movies and spend some quality time together.

2. Surprise your partner on a beach

If your partner loves the sea, there is no way that the beach camping date idea will go down. You have to arrange a few things so that the date goes smoothly. Check the weather on the date night beforehand and create the dress code based on that.

Take help from your friend to deliver the food, tents, etc. Then, ask them to drive your partner to the spot blindfolded for a cinematic experience. Ensure that your partner is on board with this idea. Once everything is completed, take a walk on the beach and enjoy the ambiance.

If you want to experience the sunset or sunrise together, note down the timings from Google. Keep phones away to avoid distractions.

3. Spend time in a hot spring

Not all hot spring sites provide or allow camping. So, you must research to find out which places have camping facilities. Then list the details and choose one of them per your comfort level and budget.

After this, you have to figure out the campground. As you are going on a date, you should pick a place that is not crowded but safe. Reserve Hot Springs is best for this occasion.

You must bring necessary items like a green tent, sleeping bags, camp chairs, etc. For an even better experience, you can also add a camping stove and portable water container. The first is a classic camping element, and the second will save you from multiple trips to the campground water tap to bring water.

The network receptors don’t work properly because the hot springs are mainly located in a high area. So, if you lose the path, GPS will not help you. Instead, keep a paper map in your bag.

4. Enjoy the date under the stars

Stars have always been a symbol of romance. Poets used the description of the stars to showcase their love for their partners. If you and your partner also have a keen interest in astronomy, a date night under the sky is the best way to impress them.

It also portrays how much you care about your lover’s feelings. Select a scenic spot filled with the smell of grass and wind. If there is no prohibition on lighting fireworks, you can spark one or two to make the memory unforgettable.

Select a tent that keeps both of you close while maintaining a comfy zone. Decorate your tent with lanterns and spend some time around a campfire for a warm and cozy romantic night. You can bring home-cooked food or order a meal from your partner’s favorite restaurant.

Over to you…

Now that you know how to arrange a camping date, it’s time for some action. While planning outdoor camping dates, don’t hurry or plan things without knowing your partner’s schedule. If (s)he is busy with other commitments on the day, all your effort will be drowned. 

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