How to have the perfect van-cation? Best tips


When you travel, you get to experience the world from a different view. You get to enjoy the world and the surprises it has to throw your way without any warning. And it’s truly the best feeling ever! If you are also interested in traveling on the road in your minivan or caravan, it’s a perfect time. The moment is now as most corporate job holders can enjoy a tiny vacation while working remotely. However, before you set out to travel in your caravan or self-modeled van, prepare yourself. To make the most out of your travels and enjoy, keeping some things in mind is necessary. In this blog, we are listing the best tips to remember when having a car vacation. 

Have a plan in mind

Before you head out in your camper van or caravan, be sure you have a plan. Sure, flexibility is what this trip is all about. However, a little planning is necessary as you will spend hours in a van. So, you do not want anything negative to happen. A basic plan looks like this:

  • Researching the routes, you may be taking
  • Researching the culture, food, places to visit, and regulations regarding vehicle
  • Ensuring your van has proper documents.

Get to know the van

Whether you bought a customized van with authentic Australian caravan manufacturers or rented a camper van, scoping out the same is necessary. Check out what the van offers, a sink, USB hookup, propane stove, onboard sink, and more. Do a check to see if what you wanted from the van is there or not. Never hop in and drive! First, get to know the ins and outs of the van.

If a few features are missing, which will help you enjoy your van-cation, add them. It will help you avoid any frustration, problems, or surprises.

Try to find ideal parking spots.

Finding good or ideal parking spots is necessary when traveling in a camper van/caravan. However, remember that the perfect parking spot depends on the vehicle you are driving, its weight, size, & off-road capabilities. Be on the lookout for any app in your region that can pinpoint great parking spots. These can help you find a secure parking spot to stay the night without inviting trouble. If you are going to live in your van for a few months, knowing how to find better parking spots and their advantages is necessary.

Another tip is to find the spots during the daytime in areas relatively new to you. Also, keep your driver’s license, passport, and other related documents handy to show the police as they may ask to see them.

Ensure you can drive the caravan

If this is your first caravan purchase, do not leave for a vacation right away. First, ensure you can drive it well. Since a van is different from a regular car, driving it without prior experience can be challenging. It happens because a van’s size and turning radius differ from a car’s. So, you need practice.

Plan meals

You will be driving a lot during your van-cation. So, prepare meals that are easy to cook, are healthy, and can be stored. Ensure you cook most of your meals. Otherwise, you may get sick, and it’s not pretty when you are on the road. Lastly, have an induction stove, refrigerator, and water purifier to cook and eat/drink healthily.

Travel with extra fuel in a Jerrican

Sometimes plan to extend or change, and you might decide to head deeper into the mountains or the desert. Here fuel requirement increases. Thus, always carry extra fuel in a study metal Jerrican. It will give you peace of mind that you have extra fuel. If there are no petrol pumps around, this will be a lifesaver.

Never travel with someone you are not comfortable with

Van-cation will be fun only if you travel with someone you like. It will be close quarters, and if the person tagging alone isn’t fun or comfortable with you, things can be challenging.

With these tips in mind, you are ready to experience the world the best way. A van-cation is an ideal way to enjoy the near cities or even the far ones as you have everything in the car. So if you want to travel for a few months in your van and explore, it’s possible with these tips.

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