5 of the Best Hen Party Games

Hen Party Games

Stuck for ideas on how to entertain the hens and make fun of the bride to be? Look no further for some great ideas to get the group together having fun and to stitch up the bride. Don’t worry, we’re not talking stag style humiliation (seriously, who understands how you can really be friends with someone who strips you and ties you to a lamppost for hours!?) but the bride to be can’t get away without some kind of embarrassment before her big day!  

These are perfect preparation for a hen party Cardiff or Bristol hen weekend.

Farmer’s shower

Choose a Bristol hen weekend and there’s the perfect activity to laugh at each other and especially the hen! Blindfold the bride to be and drive her over to the farm just outside the centre of Bristol where West Country Games takes place. Get her dressed up from their fancy dress box in something suitably silly (think farm animals!) and you’ll all have a great time getting stuck in to the nine west country themed crazy activities on offer before the hen gets the lovely parting gift of the “farmer’s shower”! Ooh arr! Ask the hen three questions and if she gets one wrong she will end up with a bucket of the farmer’s finest over her head! There’s also a Welsh themed version of the games so if you make it a Cardiff hen party head to Welsh Games and have a guaranteed proper lush time! 

How dare you!?

This is a big one not only for the special lady but to get the whole group involved and to break the ice. Do a bit of forward planning and write some dares on small pieces of paper. Then blow up balloons with a dare inside each one.  Tie a balloon to each member of the hen party and if someone’s balloon bursts, (or gets maliciously popped!) they have to carry out the dare then and there. The best time to do these are on a night out or doing an activity during the day. Of course, you can pre-rig the dares to each person and the bride needs a ready supply of new ones!

Vajazzle dazzle

Don’t worry, we’re not asking you to get that familiar with each other! For a silly and creative game, get plain white aprons (paper cut outs will do) for all the group and plenty of craft supplies, pens, glitter glue etc. Let everyone loose designing their own naked apron complete with vajazzle and nipple tassels. Get the bride to judge the best one and only tell her afterwards she has to wear it when you go out for dinner.

Kiss and tell

Pin up a picture of the stag, or the bride’s favourite male celebrity (or centrefold if you’re feeling racier!) and have some lipsticks on hand. Compete to see who can get their lipstick mark closest to the goods  Get each gal up to paint their lips and to get as close to placing a kiss on their ahem nether regions as they can

It’s in the details – dare tips!

Put up embarrassing photos of the hen on messy nights out/kids photos

Don’t forget the fancy dress

Get a kiss from the barman

Challenge a stag to a dance off

Get a piggy back around the bar

Start a conga line

Walk around the bar with your dress tucked into your knickers

Stripper ideas

Get a male stripper to come over to the accommodation

Get a male stripper to come to the booth at the club you’re at

Go to a show

Fancy dress

This is the perfect way to make the hen feel special and… a little silly! Theme it to where you are, around in-jokes or just pick something as embarrassing as possible! Instead of the classic sash and willy headband why not cut to the chase and just get her to dress in a willy costume!? (This one is probably best saved for the day time unless she can take a lot of ribbing!)

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