5 Outdoor Features That Increase Your Home’s Value

5 Outdoor Features That Increase Your Home's Value

Once your house is on the market, you want to attract as many potential buyers as possible, and maybe even raise the price. You can do this by improving the curb appeal and dazzling the buyers from the moment they parked a car in your driveway. Here are 5 outdoor features to concentrate on that will increase your home’s value and help you seal the deal faster.

1. Beautiful landscaping around the house

Not all landscaping projects carry the same weight that will raise the price of your property. If the budget is tight, focus on the lawn, trees, and walkways. For example, having trees on the premises can increase the home’s value by as high as 20%. Plant flowers along the walkways, mow the lawn regularly, and add lighting so your beautiful landscape is on display at night.

Other landscaping possibilities are water features, from the modest fountain to the Koi fish pond. If you are ready to splurge, add a pool that will certainly earn you extra points with potential buyers.

2. Open-air kitchen for warm-weather seasons

While the kitchen inside should be impressive, its outdoor version will equally impress potential buyers. When the weather is nice, homeowners will want to spend time outside, maybe invite some company, and unwind under the starry sky. So, give your potential buyers the fulfillment of this fantasy with an open-air kitchen.

There are no limits to what you can do here, ranging from a simple arrangement to a luxuriously equipped summer kitchen. For example, a bar area will be great for hosting parties or treating yourself to a cocktail until the food is ready. A stove and an oven can turn your kitchen into a small factory for jams, pickled products, and other delicious food that would otherwise be messy for indoor cooking.

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3. Well-shielded deck

Potential buyers will see a deck as a perfect spot for family meals, parties, relaxing, and having their morning coffee or a nightcap. For an overhead feature, you will raise your home’s value the most if you install an opening roof with aluminium louvres. That will give new owners options to keep them closed during rain and open when the weather is sunny.

Of course, decorations will play a big role in creating an attractive deck. String lights, plants, seating arrangements, and even a BBQ can be a deciding factor for a potential buyer.  

4. A fresh look for windows and doors

Another thing that will be important is the state of your doors and windows. To raise the stakes, install shutters on the windows but choose the right type for the style of your house. Wooden shutters will go well with rustic and Mediterranean architecture, while the automatic version is more suited for modernly styled houses.

Just replacing the front door of a house or giving it a makeover with fresh paint will make your house look polished. To increase your home’s value, even more, upgrade other elements, like garage doors and stairs that lead to the entrance. These repairs and addition can be expensive, but you will recoup most of it through the sale.

5. New façade paint and decorations

Fresh paint is the least you can do before placing your home on the market. The façade may need more than aesthetic changes, like filling in cracks and repairing chipped parts before repainting. If you need to take care of the roof and gutters, this is also the time you should do it, or at least before renovating the façade.

As for decorations, you can plant a garden close to the house and hang planters with colorful flowers on the windows. Instead of repainting, install decorative brick or stone walls on the façade around the entrance to abandon a more classic look the buyers are used to. If you are on a tight budget, just doing this type of remodeling will get you a better selling price on the market.


Preparing your house for sale can be as easy as placing an ad or you can spice things up by upgrading the outdoor features to increase its value. Some things may require a hefty budget, but it will pay off once you start receiving offers above the initial price. 

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