Various kinds of Silicone Molding And Its Uses

Silicone Molding

Silicone overmolding is the combination of two materials. One material is rather hard or substrate and other is rubber to give final design to any product. A silicone rubber can be molded into any shape over any hard plastic. The plastic surface provides the rigidity to the product. Silicone rubber provides soft touch to the final product. Many known industries and brand use rubber silicone in specific color to give recognition to their brand. Few known industries which use rubber silicone over molding are healthcare and infant care. Silicone molding can be done in two ways i.e., shot molding and multi shot molding. The process is done by a machine which needs continuous injections upon rubber to fit in shape of mold.

Various industries and applications use silicone overmolding as it is a cost effective and versatile process. When you overmold any component you get a final product which is rigid, flexible and insulating. Silicone molding can be done on to a metal or plastic substrate. The product after molding process becomes waterproof. Molded product becomes airtight and shock proof. Over molding or insert molding makes your everyday tools easier to grip. Over molding is multi shop or two shot molding process. Most of the industries provide handles of rubber molding to any plastic product such as toothbrush and screw driver. 

Colorful products or multi layered products can be easily assembled with two shot molding. As the machines are costly you can say that you need it when you have large production plan. Insert molding is done over fabricated product just to give it layering. In two shot molding there is no base but in injection molding you have base. Insert molding is best suited for electronic gadgets to provide it plastic handle for easy gripping. Insert molding provides plastic housing to any lifesaving tool. Over molding is best when your manufactured product can’t be disassembled. 

When your finish piece is made of thermoplastic and rubber, it consists of multiple layering you need multi shot molding. When you are going to use prefabricated substrate made of metal, wires and computerized parts you need injection molding. This technique provides you one solid piece of finished goods. Silicone rubber molding can make your product non- toxic which can withstand on high and low temperature. Silicone parts manufacturer supplies rubber products to many industries such as automotive, telecommunication, cooking equipment, healthcare products and electronic products. 

Before establishing any industry owner has to stay connected with silicone parts manufacturers. Whether you are going to manufacture electrical parts, healthcare tools or any other product silicone coating is a must need. Grommet edging like cable bushing, chicken track grommets, wire grommets, rubber edge grommet etc. needs rubber silicone coating. Without silicone molding cable or wires through metal sheet can be hazardous to hold. Medical applications are sensitive requirements so products need to be tested on the level of biocompatibility. High consistency silicone needs lots of labor to transform into desired size and shape. When the material is injected into mold it takes 30 seconds for one shot. It takes 6-7 minutes for complete process. Post bake can improve compression level and the final product you get is durable.

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