6 Tips to Make Collage Video for Instagram Reels and Stories

Instagram Reels and Stories

An Instagram collage is a collection of photos and video snips shared in a single photo or video, which can be easily compared to an Instagram grid, but it is shared as one photo. The trend of Instagram collages has taken off, with more and more people and businesses creating visually appealing collages on their Instagram Reels and Stories.

These are a medium to express themselves more creatively by using a series of apps to combine images, backgrounds, and videos to create stunning visuals.

6 Tips to Make Collage Video for Instagram Reels and Stories

Start with a Concept

All Instagram collages need to fit into a marketing plan and must be created with a purpose and increase your presence on Instagram. You must identify why a collage video will be more beneficial for your enterprise than a single-image post or carousel. You can show off a new collection, encourage engagement and feedback, use a split-screen to showcase multiple options, use numerous visuals to create an enticing narrative, make a collage of the right mix, and finally create an influential how-to, step-by-step, or before and after

The purpose is not to overwhelm your audience, but to communicate your objective and message as clearly as possible. While creating a video collage, you must stick with not too many details or zoomed-out pictures and simple visuals with a clear focus. The snippets should be created in a complementary palette.

Style Your Video Collage

You can create amazing video collages by adding florals, trending graphics, or vintage film borders to push your video collage up a notch. You can try templates that are easily available on the web to solve this purpose. Furthermore, you can style your collages in the following ways:

  • Add frames can lend a nostalgic vibe to your mashed-up images.
  • Add Textures and shapes to give both cohesion and dimension
  • Then, Add patterns to display intrigue to a series of images.
  • Add text boxes that can reveal your product info.
  • Add stickers and tags to drive more engagement to your post or campaign.

Mix it Up with Multimedia

Instagram’s collages are an aesthetic mix of images, music, video, and text and should not look jumbled or confusing. It should have a precise message and a strong concept

Your framing should be straightforward and super slick, taking it to a whole new level. You must:

  • Focus on the Aesthetics wherein you can use split images to make your content more appealing
  • Focus on audience engagement
  • Add text to appreciate the visuals more.
  • Add an image showing text asking a question.
  • Tell a Story
  • Show a walkthrough.
  • You can guide your customers through a fun FAQ
  • Share more about your services.

Video Editing

This is a crucial step as it finalizes the collage that will be posted, marketed, and spread across on your page. There are several professional video collage makers available online through which you can make recommended and aesthetic edits to make your video collage much appreciated among your audience and viewers. These tools can help you:

  • Add tints or treatments to make photos match
  • To help you personalize your custom video collage
  • Jazz up your video collage by adding cool effects like snowfall, or a dramatic or thematic visual
  • Add stickers, fonts, and filters.
  • Add eye-catching backdrops, a natural filter, stickers and text styles, proper lighting, and propping, then add appropriate graphics/music to tie the photos together. You can also highlight segments like discounts or new prices.
  • Tie the collage together with royalty-free Music.
  • Finally, complete the editing process by resizing your video collage for Instagram and saving it to share on other social media handles and with your fans across every channel.

Try Advanced Collaging Techniques

You can spread your collage to a multi-post carousel, keeping aesthetics in mind. You can use certain Instagram filters or pre-sets, plan with a content calendar, and keep a structured tab on the Instagram algorithm’s ranking signals in mind before you post.

Some Instagram Video Collage Ideas

You need to pick the right idea for your audience to grasp their attention and market your brand and business. You can use a video collage to:

  • Celebrate a Moment that could be professional or personal, using multiple images to show off your favorite parts of the day.
  • Professional Milestones can be depicted using video collages, wherein you can display all your captured worthy moments. You can post pictures of your store opening, launching innovative or new products and services, sharing annual sales, your company’s anniversary, important pictures of your staff, etc. You can further make a thank-you collage to appreciate all the hard work that goes into your business, gaining credibility for your effort.
  • Sales and Promotions through video collages are a great way to promote your products. You can make one of all the items for sale to make maximum impact.
  • Vision Boards that mark the beginning of a new financial year. Or something that signifies your goals and objectives for the whole year are an interesting way to entice your audience through video collages. You can manifest your dreams using millions of stickers and editable photos, envisioning what’s possible. It can be regarding your sales, lead conversion, ROI, or simply sharing the success of your employees, board, or customers.
  • Throwbacks: Photo collages are a wonderful, nostalgic, and creative way to relive old memories. You can visually describe your past successes and how you started. A video collage as a throwback feed post. Adding vintage filters can give your Instagram video collage on reels or stories a throwback and an emotional vibe.

How to Make a Video Collage on Instagram

Follow these steps to make an influential video collage for your followers:

  • Step 1 – Take a picture and use Instagram filters to enhance the photo further.
  • Step 2 – You can edit the pictures by changing the background.
  • 3rd Step – Go to your gallery and copy the photos through the Share icon.
  • Step 4 – Go back to your Instagram Reel or “add a sticker.”
  • Step 5 – Add the sticker to see the photo showing up on your Story.
  • 6th Step – You can repeat this process several times to add more photos.
  • Step 7 – Finally, a video collage will be made, which can be enhanced, edited, and modified further using trending music, graphics, text, CTAs, hashtags, and music.


It is amazing how creative businesses get while using an Instagram video collage. And how enterprising the whole concept can be for enhancing sales, promotions, marketing standards, brands awareness, and for the conversion of leads to prospective buyers.

Many brands, organizations, and influencers use the concept of video collages on Instagram Reels and stories to take their content to the next level. It’s time for all of you to start being more creative without needing any specialized technical or professional skills to design a beautiful video collage.

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