Coto Digital: The Supermarket Chain That Change the Future of Shopping

Coto Digital

E-commerce is in full swing and online sales have an increasing role in companies with customers who find in this online platform an easy and comfortable way to make their purchases, the company highlighted. The Coto supermarket chain launched its own clothing line on its website “Coto Digital”, under the slogan “Find your own style in just one click”.

How Digitalization Helped Fashion

“By using the Coto digital shopping platform, shoppers have the possibility to shop all available lines of the Coto group, which are diverse but united by certain common attributes,” a representative of the company told the media.

Coto’s shopping platform also provides customers with the opportunity to make sales without the physical presence. For example, you can show a customer the various shoes or shirts in the style that best suits their taste.

“The whole chain is the experience, the brand and it’s all about attitude,” said José Gavito, president of Coto, via the agency.

The Coto supermarket chain operates more than 45 stores across Latin America, with operations in Colombia, Peru, Argentina, Paraguay, Bolivia, Uruguay and Mexico.

Coto Digital: The Supermarket Chain That’s Changing the Future of Shopping

They are one of the first supermarket chains in Spain. They used to provide a clothing line that is comparable to high-street fashion brands such as Zara, H&M, Bershka and Pull&Bear. The fashion line is the second, after the first for groceries, which launched in December 201. It is designed to target the young, fashion-conscious market segment. The Coto online supermarket is part of the Qrops group, which is headquartered in Barcelona.

Coto Digital: The Supermarket Chain That’s Changing the Future of Shopping

Their target audience will be young consumers who want to buy stylish clothing, the brand said. “Finding the best brand for a specific look in one click will be easy, convenient and completely customised,” the company continued.

The Vision and Mission of Coto Digital

“We’re passionate about building an authentic and complete online shopping experience, since our vision is to build a real community,” said in a statement Federico Solas, CEO and founder of Coto Digital.

About Coto Digital

Coto Digital is a web-based platform that sells all the available products of the supermarket chain Coto in Barcelona (Spain). In the future, the platform will be extended to other Coto stores.

Coto Digital offers better customer satisfaction and increased revenue for the supermarket chain. It serves the public to make their own purchases.

Why did Coto choose to expand into online sales?

The company is known to make products that are environmentally friendly, comfortable and made to last longer. Through this strategy, the supermarket chain aimed to create value for customers. And to show their customers that it is possible to find fashionable clothing and accessories on the supermarket website without going to the physical store.

Shopping is faster, easier and more affordable at Coto Digital.

Coto’s online sales are a perfect combination of ease, convenience, taste and price. Through the online store, customers can find a wide selection of clothes and accessories for men and women. Within hours of placing an order, the products are available at the customer’s doorsteps and ready for their use. Customers can see all of the available items online and compare prices.

What Does Coto Digital Offer?

“Coto Digital offers a unique set of services and a competitive advantage. The digital approach gives customers an omnichannel, affordable experience with a variety of products and exclusive products. They can purchase and return items as they desire, without the shipping costs and returns logistics,” said Alexander Vranik, the Founder and CEO of the innovative supermarket chain Coto.

“We believe that the future of grocery shopping is driven by online commerce. Every supermarket chain in the world is facing a huge transformation. While traditional supermarkets are being disrupted by new stores that compete on price, in-store pickup, home delivery, click and collect and a large selection of food.


The supermarket chain understands the importance of the virtual area. This way the customer gets a personalized offer and can make his own choices. However, this retailer also takes advantage of the fact that there is huge potential of “smart ads” among the consumers and ensures that it adheres to the necessary conditions.

With its various innovation platforms such as the Shopbrain. The interaction is a matter of browsing the products. And making the purchases within the selection of goods that are available in the collection of the retailer. This means that the customer doesn’t need to get up from his chair and walk around the store. He can make his shopping in a comfort of the home or at his convenience.

Therefore, he gets access to the offers and sees what is new.

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