6 Ways to Support Your Child After Poor Chemistry Exam Performance

Support Your Child After Poor Chemistry Exam Performance

Poor chemistry exam performance by children is very common thing in students. Some learners find it challenging to perform up to the mark in chemistry exams. One of the big reasons people fail chemistry exams is stress. The exam system in schools is very stressful and it’s not uncommon for some students to feel overwhelmed by studying for this subject.

For a parent, it can be frustrating when their child fails in Chemistry. However, the 1st form of support is from the teacher and then to parents. The most immediate thing parents can do is to ensure that their children’s self-esteem is not shaken by the negative question papers. It is essential to build a positive attitude in them and trust in themselves. 

Besides, they need some good recommendations and professional Chemistry tuition on coping with the stress and immediate parental support. All this will help to restore their self-confidence and encourage them to do well. 

How to Support Your Child After a Poor Chemistry Exam Score?

Stay Calm and Help Them Understand the Root Cause of Failure

Yelling at your child never helps positively. It only degrades their self-esteem and shakes their confidence in achieving anything ever. Being a parent, understand that many factors result in poor Chemistry exam results. It could be a lack of dedication, poor subject knowledge, exam anxiety, etc. Hence, it is you who needs to stay calm and communicate with the child about the reason that influenced the results. Avoid harsh words, make them comfortable, and motivate them to do better next time. 

Help Them Cultivate Good Study Practices

Many parents think that studying too much is the key to scoring well in exams. However, this is not the point. Children need to build a balance in everything they do daily. It is about studies, playing, quality time with friends, etc. Organizing a balance between all these chores will help children cope with everyday hassles to come in the future. Studying for a long time will not improve their learning skills. It may even affect them negatively like degrading their health or not being able to understand anything at all. 

Allow your kids to have sufficient rest after the study sessions. Let them spend time with family, play, etc. This life-long skill will help your child stay balanced throughout the student life. 

Set Realistic Goals for Your Child

Parents need to stay focused on their child’s achievements the way the children are. Every child can not obtain 100% in every exam. Some children are good in language subjects but poor in Chemistry or Mathematics. Here, you need to set goals and expectations from them as per their capability. Understand the difference between the key strengths they are not utilizing and why they are failing to try. 

In addition, keep in mind to never compare your child’s performance with other children. It can result in reduced confidence or self-esteem. Simply think how would you feel if someone compares you with other parents, Of course, it will hurt you too!!

Help Them Balance Everyday Life With Positive Support

Many parents keep their children away from playing or participating in extracurricular activities to ensure they give all their time to their studies. It will make your child less social and adjustable to the outside world. As a result, you need to look for solutions that can help them learn the chemistry subject without any fear. Also, let them socialize, and take part in extracurricular activities like sports, etc. 

Don’t scold them severely because doing so can make them fear you. Tell them that you are unhappy with their performance in the Chemistry exam. However, you are there to encourage them to put in more effort and perform well on the upcoming exam.

Let Your Child Determine Their Strengths and Weaknesses

Not all children and their learning skills are the same. Different children have varying approaches to learning things. In schools, the chances can be that the teachers use different ways to explain things that they might be finding challenging to understand.

In any such case, you need to help the child evaluate the area of difficulties and set the time to focus on those improvements. 

Teach your child organizational skills along with doing their homework. Make sure they develop dedication, understand their responsibility of getting good grades, etc. All these things will contribute a lot to their learning and influence their overall Chemistry exam performance. 

Hire Professional Chemistry Tutor for Child’s Help

Having poor grades in chemistry means your child failed to understand the concepts or any specific topics about the subject. It can be anything because their learning and school teachers’ teaching approaches were different. Here, along with parental support, getting tuition assistance from professional tutors can be helpful. They can easily assess your child’s weaknesses and what areas they need to improve. The reputable service providers of Chemistry tuition can help your children to understand the concepts the way they find it much easier. Thus, reducing their fear of learning or participating in exams. After all, the areas of difficulty will be mostly understood by them. 

In addition, many tutors provide group sessions, individualized attention, and conceptual learning instead of cramming. Isn’t it helpful!!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Support My Child At Home to Improve Grades in the Next Chemistry Exam?

Create an everyday routine for them. Make sure they stick to completing their homework every day with the same dedication and strict deadline. Check their homework and discuss every night what difficulties they faced while studying. Also, praise their efforts. 

What Should I Do When My Child Fails in a Chemistry Exam?

Keep the grades and child separate. Communicate with them to know what their concerns are with the subject. Don’t show anger. Instead, show dissatisfaction and avoid harsh talks. You can connect with the teacher and know the possible reasons for your child’s poor performance. 

How Can Tutors Help My Child Understand Chemistry?

You and the tutor together can work along with your child to address the reasons behind their poor grades in Chemistry. They will adopt the best possible tactics to improve their grades. Professional tutors can easily determine what the struggling areas of your child are and provide a better plan for learning Chemistry easily and efficiently.  


Bad chemistry exam results can be shocking for both the parents and the school. This is especially so when children fail the examination due to various reasons. Harsh criticism and lack of support from others have been proven to be one of the major reasons behind children’s failure.

While you may see it as just not being able to cope with the stress, children have their way of dealing with it. However, being a parent, you need to communicate about the hassles they are facing during the study. You need to cultivate good study habits in them and let them determine where they lack and what are their strengths. Providing them with sufficient parental support can help them perform better in the coming Chemistry exam. Besides, hiring reputable and skilled tutors can better assist them in improving the difficult Chemistry concepts they find hard to understand. 

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