Unique Tips To Grow Your YouTube Channel That The Best YouTubers Are Using


YouTube has grown to become the world’s most famous video streaming network. Every day, millions of people from all ages around the world use YouTube to pass their time, be entertained, or learn something new. 

Because of the large number of people that browse YouTube, it draws a lot of content creators as well as those who want to make money through advertising. However, whether you’re on YouTube to market your content, generate money, or do both, the most important thing you’ll need to achieve your goals is a large number of views. And truly saying, this may not be an easy thing to achieve. 

It’s true that YouTube has millions of viewers, but it’s also true that millions of content creators also exist there, competing for the same public views that you seek. As a result, the competition is fierce. 

But have no worry, because in this article, we’ll go over some practical and efficient techniques that can help you acquire more viewers and grow your YouTube channel over time. So keep reading to become a better YouTuber!

In this article, I will share with you 6 unique tips that will help your career as a YouTube content creator. “Unique” because, I promise you, these are not some of those tips that you heard a million times before but yet, the most successful and experienced YouTube creators are using. Let’s get this started!

1. Introduce People To Your Content

First impression matters. And you can make the best first impression, using the feature of YouTube which will automatically play a video to whoever visits your channel.

So, make an appealing video for your viewers that describes you and explains what your youtube channel is about, as well as all the cool and interesting stuff that your channel has to offer. This video should be one that instantly draws people’s attention towards your channel and encourages them to watch a few of your other videos. 

Keep this video brief, like 1 or 2 minutes, so that no one is hesitant to watch it. You should add it to the head of your channel’s home page and you may also set it to play automatically.

Similarly, you may create short, appealing trailers for all your videos and insert them at the start of those videos. This gives the audience a glimpse of the fascinating sections of your video, and they may opt to watch it all the way through rather than skipping forward or even worse, leaving your video.

2. Pick The Right Topics (And How To Do It)

It’s critical to create videos about subjects that will help you obtain more views. The important thing here is to be up-to-date with current events and trends and create videos on those trends that relate to your video niche. 

It’s a great idea because people are generally more attracted towards videos relating to current trends. Here, it is also crucial that there aren’t a lot of other individuals creating videos on the same subject; otherwise, as a novice, your video won’t appear in search results. To do so, you must be fast to respond and create a video as quickly as a new trend, news, or rumor relating to your niche surfaces. Given that there would be few videos on the subject at that time, your video should appear in search results. 

Other than this, you should also search for keywords with a high frequency but low competition and create videos on them. You may want to try tools such as VidIQ or TubeBuddyto help you out on this.

3. Optimise Your Length And Frequency

Beginners should start with videos that are 5-10 minutes long. However, statistics suggest that longer videos rank higher than short ones. Therefore, once your channel has started growing, strive to create 10-20 minute videos that are rich with content. 

You must also be more frequent now once you have gathered a good amount of viewers and subscribers. Otherwise, they may unsubscribe if they do not find enough material. Try to do 1 – 2 videos every week and stick to it. 

You should also maintain a consistent schedule like posting videos every Thursday. This allows you viewers to know in advance when you will be posting and allow you to optimise metrics such as view velocity (how many views your video gets the first few hours since published) and subscribers’ engagement. 

Another good thing to do is to apologize to your viewers in case you failed to post a video on your scheduled date. 

4. Optimise For Search Engines

Your videos will never appear in search results if you do not optimise them for search engines. Then no one will be able to discover and watch your videos, no matter how good they are. Therefore SEO is very important. 

SEO can seem to be a complicated process, but there are a few easy things you can do to get started. Make use of an excellent keyword research tool for YouTube. Use one or two high-frequency but low-competition keywords in the title of your videos and in the description as well. 

In the description, also include links to some related videos. Add tags and categories to your videos to indicate the kind and topic of the video. All these things will help your videos be easily found on search engines and will eventually lead to increased traffic for your content. It will also help YouTube to suggest your videos to a more relevant audience which will appreciate more your videos.

5. Get Viral Using Social Media

The majority of individuals believe that producing videos on YouTube has little to do with other social media sites. However, this is not the case. Most successful YouTube channels also have a strong social media presence. Because marketing on social media is one of the most powerful tools of promotion.

Start with developing social media strategy. Remember to post on a regular basis otherwise people will quickly forget about you. Furthermore, Your material should be engaging and appealing to your audience. This way you can ensure that you make a place for yourself in your audience’s thoughts and emotions.

You can use social media to share your new videos with your audience and in relevant groups. Spread it as much as you can. You can even begin marketing your videos weeks ahead of releasing it. Share the latest information about them with your viewers, including teasers and reminders that more videos are on the way. 

The use of social media shares in your YouTube strategy will increase your channel’s ranking, but if properly done, it will also increase the view velocity that we previously mentioned.

Other than promotion, you should also use social media to share your thoughts about recent trends, your experiences and your journey. This helps you connect personally with your audience and develop a stronger bond with your fans, which will result in a stronger engagement and loyalty from their side.

To increase even further the social media presence of your videos or channel, you may want to try using marketing agencies that do the work for you. The site LenosTube for instance, provides different social media and SEO services such as Video embedding or social media shares.

6. Use Analytics Softwares 

Given the tough competition that content creators face on YouTube to attract a bigger audience, a high-quality video and a good marketing campaign is not always sufficient. More is needed to rise above competitors. Advanced data and analytics can help you find hidden ways in which they can improve your performance holistically and attract more audience. Such an example is VidIq.

Then there are more analytics tools can provide you with Age, gender, location, and other data from millions of people across YouTube. It can also provide you with analysis of millions of video content creators from all over the world for given keywords or topics. 

All such data can provide you with deep insight into finding just the right type of video that you need to make to hit the spark in the audience’s heart and stay ahead of your competitors as well. 

One of these tools which is good for getting analytics about YouTube, is Biteplay. With Biteplay you  have a complete product suite and range of analytics that help you take your online video marketing to the next level. Its deep analytics can also help you obtain a return on your investment in video advertisement campaigns, which makes it a great fit not only for regular content creators, but also business owners.

Final Words

The aforementioned are some of the most unique and efficient tips that are also followed by the most experienced YouTubers. If you follow them properly and regularly, your YouTube channel will undoubtedly begin to expand and earn more viewers with each day. Best of luck!

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