7 Ways Shopify Apps Help You to Grow Your Business

Shopify Apps

Shopify is an online commerce platform that helps you create, grow, and manage your business. It provides a platform to build and scale your eCommerce business. Understanding Shopify and how best to use it can greatly improve your business.

Shopify apps are essential for helping your business grow. It gives your business a wide range and an opportunity to go global. In addition, their presence in your Shopify store will enhance the growth of your business. We will be looking at ways to grow your sales by using Shopify.

The Importance of Shopify Apps

Shopify is one company that has developed apps that will boost your sales and help you seal deals. There are about 4,000 such apps. Some of the apps are free, while others are not. Here are some uses of these apps for your business:


Owning an online store puts you in charge of the security of your clients. Any little information – from names to credit card details – can be used by hackers. Shopify apps present you with the security options you’ll need to tackle that problem. For example, some Shopify apps help you create a secure database for all client and product information. This feature will help you in case your store gets hacked or compromised. 

McAfee, one of the most popular security software today, supports Shopify stores as well. It upscales security measures by scanning the eCommerce store for data breaches and other malicious activities. When customers see trusted entities in your store, customer trust improves. This ultimately improves sales in the process. 


These days, most people prefer having their things personalized. From small things like books, phone pouches, and phones to cars, houses, and even jets. If things like these are personalized, why not your Shopify store? 

Many Shopify apps have been developed for personalization to ensure your customers have a pleasant experience while at your online store. Having a Shopify personalization app in your store will highly increase your customers’ loyalty to your products or services.

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The personalized product recommendation uses a customer’s behavior when it comes to items they have viewed, and purchased. It gives suggestions to the customer based on his history with the products or services.

For example, a customer sees a beautiful pair of jeans trousers in your store and clicks to view them. While viewing it, they scroll down and see a beautiful jean jacket that can pair very well with trousers. Some Shopify apps have been designed to make this a possibility. Enjoy this feature while growing your business.

Also, personalized product recommendation makes purchase faster for customers. It makes things so easy for the customer who might have had to search through massive catalogs. A customer who gets what he needs on time is most likely to return.

Automated Chatbots

One of the factors that keep a business afloat is consistency. As a business owner, you may not be online or available, especially when asleep. For this reason, Shopify chatbot apps can help make sales and reply to messages on behalf of you, the admin. 

As a result, your business can run for 24 hours every week. That means that you can win all the customers who would have gone somewhere else if you hadn’t been available. A win is a step towards growth.

Sales Analysis

Some Shopify apps can record sales details and store the charts for analysis. This helps you know customers better. For example, understanding your customer’s purchase history can help you know what they prefer. You can then send them personalized recommendations and adverts. Sales analysis gives you an idea of what products customers most prefer or what services they enjoy and will likely come back for. 

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Having a Shopify app and knowing how to use it can improve your sales figure. It can also improve your relationship and rating with customers.


One cannot just wake up and grow to one optimum. This is the same with many businesses worldwide; growth is gradual. As a business owner, you may not have all the money to ensure your online store is perfect. The good news is that these apps are scalable. What this means is you can increase their functionality and performance over time. 

Image Credits: Pexels

As the business grows, you increase the scalability to cover everything. In addition, you can improve your customers’ shopping experiences by helping in the background. You can make more money as time goes by if you use this strategy and have a mentality of always wanting to grow.

Abandonment Cart Recovery

Customers sometimes require a little encouragement to buy. Sometimes they may be unsure whether to buy or not and may leave the store without buying. Sometimes, their cards may decline, and they decide to try later but forget.

This is where Shopify apps come in. Some of the apps send automated reminders to customers. They remind them that they left without completing their order. The email is sent automatically 24 hours after the cart is left behind. That is done when the product or service is still fresh in your customer’s mind. All of these will help to increase your sales and boost your profits.

Improve Customer Reviews

In overview, Shopify apps help improve your product placements, services, and customer engagement. So, these apps can help you get better customer reviews. These feedbacks are important since a good number of potential clients heavily rely on these.

Seeing good customer reviews in your store will attract and convert clients. Therefore, good reviews are part of the factors in increasing your Shopify store sales. 


Shopify is a great commercial platform that can help you kick-start your business. Harnessing the powers of its apps is a sure way to grow your business and take it to another level. When you can put your Shopify apps to good use, you will experience a boost in your business.

All images were gotten from pexels.com and pixabay.com

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