Outsourcing Your Marketing Activities In 2022: What You Need To Know

Outsourcing Your Marketing Activities

Marketing plays a pivotal role in many businesses and organizations, big or small. It educates potential customers so they can make informed purchase decisions. Further, effective marketing using the right strategies can significantly increase sales. 

Keeping full-time marketing staff can, at times, be costly. Further, marketing needs to be dynamic, given that customers’ needs and preferences change over time. Outsourcing is the trend nowadays if you want to market your products or services without incurring the cost of keeping an in-house team. 

In this post, we will take you through the art of outsourcing marketing successfully in 2022. We cover all the crucial areas, so you get the facts and can outsource intelligently. If you get the best marketing or outsourced sales support services provider, you are sure of getting ahead of the curve. 

Outsourced Marketing Services and Reasons to Try It

Outsourcing services is a growing phenomenon, not only in marketing, but also in many other areas. Over the years, the global outsourcing market has been on an upward trend, albeit with a few fluctuations. The general trend, however, points to tremendous growth. It implies that outsourcing is beneficial in many ways. 

Many businesses and organizations often seek outsourced sales support for various reasons. For instance, by outsourcing, you get specialized services and the expertise of an experienced marketing team. It, therefore, eliminates the need to have an in-house marketing department. In addition, there are other instances when outsourcing marketing is beneficial:

  • When you want to beat your competitors
  • When your team lacks enough time
  • When you want to focus on other operations
  • When you want to boost growth 
  • When you want the services of expert marketers 

Outsourcing Marketing Activities in 2022

These five steps will help you outsource your marketing activities. 

Determine Your Marketing Priorities and Requirements 

Marketing should seek to achieve specific goals for your business or organization. So, your first step is to identify priority areas and your requirements. You can not just start a journey for which you do not know the likely ending of or in other words, an understanding of what you need to achieve ultimately. 

Ask yourself a few questions about essential marketing activities to do at the time of hiring an agency or a professional marketer. Is it improving your social media presence? Is it redesigning your website to make it more attractive and engaging to visitors? Would you like to change your SEO strategy a little bit? Do you want outsourced sales support? All these are very vital analyses and you need to prioritize them. 

Once you know your priority, it becomes easy to chart the way forward. Also, if you already have a marketing department, you need to do an assessment. Find out what they are doing well and areas that need improvement. Note if you need to outsource marketing to boost your in-house efforts. 

Prepare Your Marketing Budget

You need to prepare a budget that you will allocate for marketing activities. Arguably, the funds you set aside will determine many factors. For instance, your budget will decide whether or not to engage a marketing agency or a freelance marketer. 

When preparing your budget, you should include all the critical aspects. Let it be as straightforward as possible. More precisely, you need to capture and take into account things like:

  • Salaries of total amounts to be paid to the marketer
  • Payment frequencies, whether monthly or wholesome 
  • Duration of the contract
  • Room for adjustments 
  • Likelihood of extra spending or savings 

Make sure you get approval after preparing your budget. Most importantly, discuss it with the right parties within your organization. Note that many activities will depend on your budget. So, get it right and be realistic in your allocations. 

Choose the Best Marketing Firm or Individual 

If you do a quick search online, you will find many outsource sales support services providers. Depending on your marketing goals, you need to choose one that will execute the correct activities to achieve your objectives. 

In most cases, marketers can either be agencies or individual freelancer marketers. Whichever you choose, you need to consider the following  aspects:

  • Experience and track record of a successful marketing agency/marketer
  • Reviews from past clients 
  • Availability and ability to perform multiple marketing works 
  • Specialty or expertise in marketing

In most cases, your choice of a sales outsourcing company or freelancer will depend on what your final goal is. You should, however, ensure that you do take time. It will determine whether you will succeed or not in your quest to market your products or services. 

Provide Clear Marketing Instructions 

It is always good to engage your marketer or agency before you begin any activity . Have a discussion and state clearly what your organization or business seeks to achieve. Tell them what your requirements and priorities are upfront. 

With your marketer, write down the initiatives that you want to take. Let each step be in agreement with your marketing instructions. In doing so, you make things easier for yourself. You also reduce unnecessary overlaps between your outsourced salesforce and your in-house marketing team, if any. 

Check their Progress regularly

Monitoring the advancement of your outsourced marketer helps you determine whether or not you are on the right path to achieving what you want. Do not just wait until the agreed period ends before checking on them. Check if there are any changes or progress with regards to:

  • Volumes of sales 
  • Number of customers 
  • Traffic on your website 
  • Products sold or services offered 

Changes in the areas mentioned are indicators of success. If you keep monitoring these areas regularly, you will have room for improvement or adjustment if necessary. You should, however, know the difference between monitoring and micro-managing. What you need to do is to check the progress and not try to run the marketing yourself. 


In a nutshell, marketing is very vital for every business or organization. It creates brand awareness and can drive sales upwards. Investing in marketing can also help you grow your business and actively engage your customers. So, if you do it correctly, you are sure of enjoying good returns on your investment. 

We have explained the steps that you can follow to outsource marketing. If you want to get value for your money, you have to get the right outsourced sales support. With the guide we have provided, it is possible to identify what works best and how. Apply it and find the best marketing partner to take you to the next level in your journey towards success.

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