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Travelling has been a prevalent recreational activity for ages, and with the boom in the technology sector, travel videography has also gone fervent. Travel videos are among the most watched videos on the internet. If you had gone somewhere and managed to post something interesting about the place, your videos will get views. People watch travel videos to learn more about a place they are planning to visit or because they simply love watching such videos as time pass. However, whether or not the videos you post to get views depends on the quality of your posted content. Loading them with information may not work positively for you. It would help if you made the videos more enticing and click-worthy by compiling the information with beautiful and original pictures and music. If you are looking for tips on how to make a picture video with music, you have arrived at the right page. Below are some handy and easy tips for creating fantastic travel videos.

8 Tips on Making Travel Videos with Pictures and Music

Whether you want to make a video on your travels to preserve memories or share with family and friends, these tips below will help you do it correctly.

Curate The Photos

Before you start, sit with your travel photographs and carefully select the best photos in your possession. Those of us who love to travel and take photos and videos often take hundreds of pictures of the places we visit. Therefore, it takes time to shortlist the best ones from such a vast list. So, take it slow and pick your favorite pictures that you want in your video to tell a story.

Create a Story in Your Mind

Randomly selecting photos and putting them in a video alone will not serve the purpose. Your travel videos should tell a story. The viewers should be intrigued to watch it till the end. So, start with an idea. Think about what message you are trying to convey through the videos and which pictures you should choose to do it correctly. Set the sequence of the images so you can see a proper flow of the story or message you are trying to express. Once you have everything in order, you can proceed to make videos with pictures.

Choose a Good Picture Video Maker

The next big step is to determine which picture video maker you should be using for the purpose. There are plenty available online, but not all of them can do the job. If you are not willing to load your computer with heavy-duty editing apps, you can use the free picture video maker for making picture videos with music. You can explore this online platform and learn the easy techniques on how to make a picture video with music. This online platform offers a range of features that would allow you to choose templates, background music, texts, and effects to make your video more impactful. You will have to create an account on the website for free and start editing online. You can save the videos to your computer and share them on social media platforms for everyone to see.

Select a Video Editor that’s Easy to Use

You don’t want to sit in front of the computer the whole day learning complicated processes to make videos with pictures. Hence, choose a photo video maker that offers a convenient interface that can be used even by a beginner. Look for an editor that provides simple mechanisms, such as the drag and drop tool, and allows you to easily upload your own media and image files from your computer. This way you can create as many videos you like in a day and share them directly on multiple video-sharing platforms.

Steps to Follow

After selecting your desired photo video maker, you will generally have to follow through with a few simple steps to make a slideshow video.

  • Select a slideshow template: You can select a template from the platform’s wide-ranging choices. Usually, there are multiple options for every type of video. Just browse through the collection and pick the best ones that suit your stories.
  • Upload Images and Music: You can upload images and music files directly from your computer to the video editing platform. You can use the editor to arrange the images in any order you please and seamlessly sync the video with the background music of your choice. Whether you add music to your slideshow or a voiceover, they can be edited to fit the video consistently.
  • Add Text: You can make the video more attractive by adding text to them. You can select the font’s size, type, and color according to your taste.
  • Re-arrange visuals: You can speak through your images by slightly adjusting the angles and applying simple visual effects. It can be done in seconds with the help of a good video editor.
  • Choose from stock photos: Sometimes, while making a picture video with music you might realize that you do not have the picture you need to suit a sequence. Some video editors offer a wide selection of free stock images that you can use to fill in the gap.
  • Save and Share: Once you are done, save the video and share it with everyone. Some online video editors allow you to share directly on social media.

Stick to the Ideal Length

As you make videos with pictures, be careful about not making them too long. People will start to lose interest if they are longer than required. Keep your slideshows short and to the point to keep the viewers hooked until the end.

Take Ideas From Other Travel Videos

The best way to learn is by following what others are doing. Taking ideas and improvising them to create something new and unique entails a serious creative pursuit. Watching other people’s travel videos will help you understand what people want to see and how you can make your videos better to meet your expectations. You will be more aware of the latest trends and editing techniques, giving you an edge over millions of others.

Show Your Creative Side

Video editors can help you create anything out of scattered fragments of images. But, in the end, it boils down to your creative abilities. If you want to create something unique and share-worthy, put some serious thoughts into how to go about it. If you want to include texts, make sure they are meaningful and in line with the tone of the video.


Planning your videos in advance helps you to take the right pictures to go with the theme. If you want your videos to be about the culinary delights of a place, make sure to take as many pictures as possible of the different types of dishes that you come across and also how they are prepared. Bring out the best by applying your unique sense of creativity and expert editing. The best part is, nowadays, you do not have to be a professional to be able to create stunning travel videos. It can be done in minutes with the help of the right video editor.

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