Catch the Top Cricket News Here!

Catch the Top Cricket News

The internet is saturated with information related to cricket, and there’s no doubting that. After all, cricket isn’t just a game; it is a religion for many fans.

From Brian Lara’s unbeaten 400* score in 2004 to Mitchell Johnson’s thunderbolts that made England & the entire world get out their seats – we fans have witnessed some legendary moments in the history of cricket.

When it comes to cricket, you’ll find die-hard fans of the sport in almost every corner of the world and if your identity is one of them, buckle up because you’re in for a thrilling ride!

Top Websites To Get the Best Cricket News

Let us discuss some of the best cricket websites and blogs out there which will keep you updated with all the happenings in cricket:


Owned and run by founders of ZapZap marketing, 10CRIC is more than just another sportsbook in the market that will engulf you with its promotional content. This platform offers much further insight into the domain of cricket tournaments and events. Peek at their tables for cricket odds, figure out who’s the favorite to outsmart, discuss headlines cricket and impress your friends with your expert cricketing knowledge!

ESPN Cricinfo

When it comes to getting data regarding cricket, ESPNcricinfo is the best platform. As soon as you open their website, you’ll see all the trending news flashing in front of you. On the homepage, you can find the latest news about recent cricket matches, teams, and other insights into the cricket world. 

On the left, you’ll see a catalog of all the ongoing and upcoming tournaments. Looking at the top of the homepage, you will see live scorecards of current and recently ended cricket matches. Cricket analysts, including Akash Chopra, Sanjay Manjrekar, and Ian Chappel, write articles and blogs for the website.


In 2004, Pankaj Chhaparwal, Piyush Agrawal, and Pravin Hegde established Cricbuzz. A key component of Cricbuzz is subtle and crisp analysis. The website’s format is quite comparable to ESPNCricinfo. In December 2016, Cricbuzz roped one of the finest cricket experts in the industry, Harsha Bhogle, into their program called ‘Voice of Cricket.’ 

Other than match highlights, Harsha Bhogle’s videos consist of blogs and reviews of players and teams. Cricbuzz revealed in 2017 that Bhogle’s videos reached a figure of 100 million views across all platforms.

Cricket web

Cricket Web is a well-established Australian website that gives the regular cricket blog a world of new experiences. It is the perfect venue for cricket fans to meet and discuss the sport they love. It’s mainly a website of crucial information and featured articles illustrated in the form of carousels. 

The latest threads involve debates on cricket’s emotional Aspects and the Australian domestic seasons, and the audience can also participate in immersive sports. Whether you fancy yourself in fantasy cricket or as an experienced betting forecaster, Cricket Web has everything you need. It’s not the most modern website, but Cricket Web is a popular spot for every cricket fan in the world; it’s certainly worth a look.


Cricwaves is a great-looking cricket research platform that comes with many choices. The website’s “Scores and Calendar” section offers users to browse results about current and ended matches with headline cricket. You can also access details regarding the ongoing, finished fixtures and upcoming rivalries.


It is perhaps one of the oldest and most intriguing cricket websites on the internet. The website’s history is a fairy tale on its own. The famous cricketer was called John Wisden in the mid-nineteenth century. He had an idea that inspired him to sell all his athletic equipment and become a publisher later. It was 1864, and he published the inaugural Wisden Cricketers’ Almanack. 

Moving forward to the 20th century, Wisden was possibly England’s leading multi-sports equipment brand. Wisden continues to uphold its trust and sacredness all these years. Wisden’s cricketer’s Almanack among the fans is rhetorical to as the ‘Cricket Bible.’ For cricket, Wisden provides very detailed information on the website. 

There is a ‘matching’ center where all the live match reports are constantly updated. The website also lists the future fixtures, the outcomes of various matches, and a set of hosts’ achievements.

The cricketer is a cyclical English cricket magazine founded in 1921 by Sir Pelham Warner, former captain of the English cricket team. TheCricketer covers all aspects of English cricket-from mainstream international matches to country cricket games. After being in business for over 80 years as an independent body, the magazine culminated by Wisden in 2003. If you are a fan of English cricket, this is a must-visit website! and is primarily devoted to Australian domestic and foreign cricket, and the same in the case of However, both sites provide ample knowledge concerning foreign teams, competitions, and future fixtures. On the website, you can see the scores of current domestic and international cricket matches and find the latest news about them.


This website is worth checking out if you want everything at a glance. The site covers a broad array of cricket-centric bits. Compared to the other websites, Cricket365 contains a wide array of posts, blogs by top authors such as Dave Tickner, Dan Liebke, Alex Bowden, John Nicolson, Will Ford, and James Butler, and headline cricket. You can also see live coverage of various cricket matches on its website, including the Ashes, World Cup, etc.


Almost everyone, including a non-cricket fan, understands what the name symbolizes. The official website of the International Cricket Council covers all recent international affairs along with findings, videos, ICC news, and rankings. Possibly, in terms of the details, it is the most unique and accurate website. 

It is the best place for all cricket fans hungry for all the ICC developments and announcements. A full schedule of all sorts of tours is constantly updated on the website, whether it’s men’s or women’s cricket.

Wrapping Up

There are times, often for some unavoidable reasons making hardcore cricket fans get a glimpse of only the scorecard and not the desired match coverage. Because of time shortages, users require crisp updates instead of going at the full match schedule with coverage, and these blogs & websites do just that with ease as a knife through butter!

The information provided above must have helped you gauge all the necessary details about various recent popular matches. 

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