9 tips to improve your sprinting speed

sprinting speed

Sprinting is a great way to lose extra calories and improve cardiovascular health. Also, speed is essential if you look forward to participating in a race.

In this think-piece, 9 tips will help you to improve your speed.

1. Plan the entire training and schedule it accordingly

First, start by deciding which race you are going to prepare for. Then set some goals for yourself. For example, do you want to improve the timing, or are you focused on upgrading your form? You have to plan your training sessions complying to these goals.

Don’t set unattainable goals for yourself, as it will backfire. You will find yourself not following the routine after one or two weeks.

The next important tip is aligning the new training plan with your workout schedule. Otherwise, you will feel it is too much work after a few days and go back to your couch.

2. Use the gym to build muscle strength

If you want to increase your power, mix track training with gym exercises. This includes weight training, squats, and core exercise.

You can also perform intense treadmill workouts like alternative sumo squats, walking plank, and side shuffles. You can also try bench presses, barbell squats, chin-ups, etc.

Don’t forget to practice yoga to improve balance. All these will strengthen the muscles, and your body will prepare for the race.

3. Train with other people  

Training with other people will help you explore your potential and how much you have to improve. Further, it will keep you motivated and push you for betterment. Finally, it makes the training fun.

Plus, when a human feels that he or she is accountable for the entire group of people, they tend to perform much more effectively.

4. Give extra attention to your form

You have to move your arms and feet simultaneously while sprinting. So, you have to maintain the balance between the moving speed of the arms and feet.

Ensure that your shoulder is relaxed and your arms are not swinging out to the sides. The knee should be high enough. Manage the core and maintain a good posture.

5. Practice warm-up before the actual running starts

You can start jogging around the track to warm up your body. It will help loosen the muscles. Stretching is also another way to prepare your body for the workout.

Also, include jumping and skipping in your daily workout routine to improve your speed.

6. Start running

If you are new to sprinting, use 50% of your speed. After you get comfortable, slowly increase the speed. Cover 100 meters every day.

Don’t run while going back to the starting point to give your body rest. If you feel a little bit fatigued, wait 5 minutes before starting another session. Then, walk around the track for 5 minutes after the end of the session to cool down your body.

If you stop suddenly, it will cause leg cramps.

7. Test the strength symmetry

You can check this by making a detailed comparison between the strength and distance of one hop on your right leg with your left leg. You can also perform workouts like single-leg deadlifts and lunges to find out your strength symmetry.

8. Consume a nutritious meal

Food works as fuel. If you provide good fuel, it will work smoothly and efficiently. In case if you consume junk foods, it will cause fatigue and energy loss and negatively impact your performance.

So, pick foods that are filled with proteins and good fats. If you are going for long-distance running, focus on consuming good carbs to boost your energy level.

Say no to sweets and fast foods. Instead, keep peanut butter or avocado handy to satisfy the cravings.

9. Keep yourself relaxed

If you get tense, it directly affects your muscles. They get tight, which makes running difficult. So learn to keep yourself calm and composed.

You can also follow a tip for this. Rest your thumb gently on the forefinger; it will help you to focus and relax.

Over to you…

Besides this, keep yourself hydrated and avoid alcohol, which can cause extreme dehydration. Further, pick the right shoes for your training sessions so that you’re more prepared for the final day.

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